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102:1  Multiplicity of the good things in life between wealth, conveniences and progeny divert your attention
102:2  Until the graves become your house of detention
102:3  There and then will you come to know all that is in conformity with truth and verity
102:4  But indeed you will come to know what is in accordance with fact and reality
102:5  No, but if only you knew the reality of what awaits those whose actions and dispositions do not accord with the divine standard, you would not succumb to illusions
102:6  For you will see the Hell fire awaiting the unjust who failed to reason their own conclusions
102:7  And you will see it with the eye of certainty
102:8  There and then shall you be asked of how you used the fruits of the years you received to your comfort and to your enjoyment and content, and how you exercised your faculties divine with which Allah had endowed you and to what extent