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66:1  O Prophet, why do you prohibit something that God has permitted you? You seek to please your wives while God is Forgiving, Merciful.
66:2  God has stipulated that you (all) should disregard such oaths of yours. God is your Patron; He is the Aware, the Wise.
66:3  Thus the Prophet confided a story to one of his wives and when she spread it around, God disclosed the matter to him. He let some of it be known, and overlooked part [of it]. However when he informed her about it, she said: "Who told you about this?", he said: "The Aware, the Informed One told me so."
66:4  If both of you will turn to God (in repentance), then let your hearts be so inclined; while if you back each other up against him, then God will be his Patron as well as Gabriel, plus any honorable believer. The angels furthermore are [his] backers.
66:5  Perhaps, should he divorce you, his Lord would grant him even better wives than you are in exchange, ones committed to (live in) peace, who are believers, devoted, repentant, worshipful, serving as social workers, both matrons and virgins.
66:6  You who believe, shield yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel will be men and stones: over it there [lurk] fierce, stem angels who do not disobey God in anything He commands them [to do]. They do whatever they are ordered to.
66:7  You who disbelieve, do not make up any excuses today; you are merely being rewarded for whatever you have been doing.
66:8  You who believe, turn to God in frank repentance. Perhaps your Lord will remit your evil deeds for you and show you into gardens through which rivers flow, on a day when God will not let the Prophet be humiliated. Those who believe will stand alongside him, their light streaming on ahead of them and to their right. They will say: "Our Lord, perfect our light for us, and forgive us! You are Capable of everything!"
66:9  O Prophet, strive against disbelievers and hypocrites; act stern with them! Their refuge will be Hell and it is such a wretched goal.
66:10  God has made up a parable for those who disbelieve: Noah´s wife and Lot´s wife were both married to two of Our honorable servants, yet they betrayed them both. Neither received any help at all for them so far as God was concerned. They were told: "Enter the Fire along with [the rest of] those who are entering it."
66:11  God has (also) made up a parable for those who believe, concerning Pharaoh´s wife when she said: "My Lord, build a house for me in the Garden alongside You, and save me from Pharaoh and his action. Save me from such wrongdoing folk!" And [concerning] Mary, the descendant of lmran, who preserved her chastity; We breathed some of Our spirit into [her womb], and she (thereby) confirmed her Lord´s words and books. She was so prayerful!
66:12  And [concerning] Mary, the descendant of 'Imran, who preserved her chastity; we breathed some of Our spirit into [her womb], and she (thereby) confirmed her Lord's words and books. She was so prayerful!