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65:1  O Prophet, whenever you [and other Muslims] d i v o r c e women, send them away according to their [legal] number and count up the amount [of months carefully], and heed God your Lord. Do not turn them out of their homes, nor should they be forced to leave except when they have committed some flagrant act of sexual misconduct. Such are God´s limits, and anyone who oversteps God´s limits thereby harms himself. You do not know whether God may let some matter happen later on!
65:2  Thus whenever women reach their deadline, hold on to them in decency, or part from them in decency. Have two impartial persons from among you act as witnesses, and set up a way to witness their testimony before God. That is what anyone who believes in God and the Last Day is instructed to do. God will grant a way out for anyone who heeds Him,
65:3  and provide for him in a manner he could never anticipate. God suffices for anyone who relies on Him; God will accomplish His purpose. God has granted everything in due proportion.
65:4  If you have any doubt concerning those women of yours who have finished with menstruation, then their count is three months; as it is with the ones who are still not menstruating. With those who are pregnant, their term will be whenever they give birth. God makes His matter easy for anyone who heeds Him.
65:5  Such is God´s command which He sends down to you (all). Anyone who heeds God will have his evil deeds remitted while He will pile up [his] earnings for him.
65:6  House women wherever you reside, according to your circumstances, and do not harass them in order to make life difficult for them. If they are pregnant, then provide for them until they give birth; while if they are nursing [any babies] for you, then give them their allowances. Discuss things among yourselves in all decency, while if you are hard on one another, then seek another wetnurse for [the father to pay].
65:7  A man of means should spend out of his means, while anyone whose income must be budgeted more carefully, should spend some of whatever God has granted him. God only holds a person responsible for something He has given him. God will grant ease, following hardship!
65:8  How many towns have acted insolently towards both their Lord´s and His messengers´ command, so We summoned them to a stern accounting and punished them with unheard-of torment.
65:9  They tasted the effect of their action and the outcome of their conduct was perdition.
65:10  God has prepared severe torment for them, so heed God, you prudent persons who believe; God has sent you down a Reminder
65:11  through a messenger reciting God´s clear verses, so He may remove those who believe and perform honorable deeds from darkness into Light. God will show anyone who believes in Him and acts honorably into gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever. What a handsome provision God has granted him!
65:12  God is the One Who created seven heavens, and the same [number of planets] which are like the earth. The Command prevails among them so you (all) may know that God is Capable of everything. God comprises everything in knowledge!