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 2019/11/22 another fix to the Literal / Word-for-word core

bi-idh'nihi - بِإِذْنِهِ - was truncating to "by" instead of "by His leave"
 - JZAK to Zaid Mujtaba

 2019/11/22 overwritten 94:1 

Wahudiddun Kahn Surah 94 ayah 1 was partially overwrittin.  Fixed
 - JZAK to Karima Vargas Bushnell

 2019/11/22 truncated 2:21

Mohammad Shafi Surah 2 ayah 21 was truncated.  Fixed
 - JZAK (again) to Shazray Malik


 2019/11/18 New update to the Literal / Word-for-word core

UMMATAN- أُمَّةً - no longer renders as 'religion' but as 'nation'.
 - JZAK to David Namuh


 2019/11/18 Corrected verse alignment issus

The Study Quran, Sad 38:70 and Sad 38:71 were misaligned.
 - JZAK to Noumouket Almamyah


 2019/11/18 Several typo/transcription errors

Muhammad Shafi 27:65, Farook Malik 47:31, Umm Muhammad 47:31
 - JZAK to Shazray Malik

Abdul Majid Daryabadi: 2:36 
 - JZAK (again) to Samir Abboushi


2019/10/06 Significant update to the Literal / Word-for-word core

TAQWA - اتَّقُوا - no longer renders as 'fear' but as 'conscious reverence' or 'conciously revere' .
While "awe" is closer in meaning, in English it does not have the variations with the appropriate tense.

2019/05/18 Multiple Bilal Muhammad typos corrected

19:83 corrected sic to sicked
27:90 and 29:24 correct ?re to fire.
  - JZAK to Shazray Malik 


2019/05/18 Multiple Mohammad Shafi transcription errors corrected

3:30, 3:54, 3:179, 6/47 extraneous letters "h" (scanning artifact)
34:39 missing close-quote
1:5 extra comma removed, corrected you to You
  -  also JZAK to Shazray Malik 


2019/05/18 T. B. Iriving missing sentence

3:103 entire sentence missing from middle of verse rendition
  - JZAK to Zeynep Arslanoglu Dönmez


2019/03/14 Yusuf Ali 1938 corrected

Changed "Him" to "His" per printed version - JZAK to  Samir Abboushi
(later edition not changed, matches publication)


2019/03/14 Yusuf Ali 1938 corrected

Changed "Him" to "His" per printed version - JZAK to  Samir Abboushi
(later edition not changed, matches publication)


2019/03/14 Yusuf Ali 1938 corrected

Changed "Him" to "His" per printed version - JZAK to  Samir Abboushi
(later edition not changed, matches publication)

2019/03/01 Safi Kaskas updated edition

Update provided by translator - JZAK to Safi Kaskas 

2019/03/01 Word-for-Word and Literal fixes and updates

NOT changed to NONE in 3:7 

References to MUSLIM and ISLAM have had the translation added,
Muslim becomes one-who-submits/Muslim
Islam becomes submission/Islam
these now refect that the words have meaning above and beyond the institution we know today.




2018/12/26 Truncation

Corrected truncated Maududi Hud 11:113 - JZAK to Muhammad Mir 

2018/12/25 Typo corrections

Corrrected 'panning' to 'planning' in word-for-word at-Tariq 86:16 - JZAK to Samina Khan
Removed transcription artifact from T.B.Irving Hud 11:84 - JZAK to Muhammad Mir

2018/11/30 Typo correction and small word-for-word adjustments

Corrrected 'he' to 'be' in Shakir rendition of al-Mai`idah 5:8 - JZAK to Adam Mir
Broke up some idiom-phrases into separate words in word-for-word
(this is, and will continue to be, an on-going process).

2018/11/25 Added "Transliteration-2" to begin transition to better Roman translit.

The new version is consistent with our word-for-word pages.
It is also closer to the current standards in Arabic-to-Roman transliteration.
Please notify us of any errors you may find.
(Some ayat were initially truncated, these have been fixed.)
If there is little or no negative feedback, we will phase out the older version.

2018/09/20 Corrected mis-linked article from Qur'an sub-menu

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Qur'an Understanding 

2018/09/20 Corrected numerous renditions (JZAK again to br. Saeed Malik)

28 74 Literal<br\>Word by Word missing 'calls to them'
29 64 Literal<br\>Word by Word missing 'in falsehood'
38 82 Literal<br\>Word by Word missing 'recompense'
43 78 Literal<br\>Word by Word missing 'Our messengers
30 54 Muhammad Asad typo
31 27 Muhammad Asad typo
30 54 Muhammad Asad truncated
40 31 Yusuf Ali typo (coast/coats)
40 11 Wahiduddin Khan typo
42 13 T.B.Irving typo (invent/invite)
42 17 T.B.Irving truncated.

2018/09/17 Corrected missing word from literal and word-for-word (
JZAK Facebook user Summer Sky) 


2018/09/17 Corrected typo  
- Corrected "Allah6" to "Allah's" in 39:53 in Mohammed Shafi


2018/08/05-06 Corrected numerous renditions (continuation of fixes from br. Saeed Malik)

25 38 Literal<br\>Word by Word missing Ar-rass
26 82 Muhammad Asad typo
27 7 Muhammad Asad typo
27 82 Shakir typo
27 82 T.B.Irving truncated.

2018/08/05 Corrected extraneous character in Muhammad Asad

In surah 2 ayat 180, the word "I," had been inserted after "...what is fair:"
JZAK to sister Karen Pradia English

2018/08/05 Corrected sequencing error in Yusuf Ali Original 

as-Shu`ara` 26:49 to 26:73
This was due to a difference in the verse-divison at ayah 49

Said (Pharaoh): "Believe ye in Him before I give you permission? surely he is your leader, who has taught you sorcery! but soon shall ye know!
Said (Pharaoh): "Believe ye in Him before I give you permission? surely he is your leader, who has taught you sorcery! but soon shall ye know! Be sure I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will cause you all to die on the cross!"

This shifted all verses until ayah 73 which had the reverse problem

This was in the group of issues reported by brother Saeed Malik (see 2018/08/04)


2018/08/04 Corrected numerous renditions

24 63 Yusuf Ali (Orig. 1938)
25 13 Yusuf Ali (Orig. 1938)
25 13 Yusuf Ali (Saudi Rev. 1985)
25 29 Yusuf Ali (Orig. 1938)
25 30 Yusuf Ali (Orig. 1938)

JZAK to brother Saeed Malik - again!
More corrections in this group pending.

2018/07/19 Added Abdul Hye translation
 - Also published first (of many, inshaAllah) Translation Description pages
    See Abdul Hye translation: Qur`an - the Final Revelation

2018/07/19 Corrected numerous renditions
 - Corrected "1" to "I" in 21:45 Asad
 - Corrected "tot" to "to it" in literal 20:99 and word-for-word 20:99
 - Corrected missing word "taste" in literal 22:9 and word-for-word 22:9
 - Corrected "Subtile" to "Subtle" in 22:63 Pickthall
 - Corrected missing word "land" at then end of literal 23:29 and word-for-word 23:29
- Corrected clarifying words (those) and (the) in literal 24:33 and word-for-word 24:33
       JZAK to brother Saeed Malik - again! - for reporting all of these issues.

 2018/07/01 Corrected numerous renditions

 - Corrected extra period in 19:92 Asad
 - Corrected missing word "eye" in literal 20:39 and word-for-word 20:39
 - Corrected duplicate of subsequent ayah in 20:100 Laleh Bakhtiar
 - Corrected ambiguous abbrieviation (app vs approach) in literal and word-for-word 21:4 
       JZAK to brother Saeed Malik for reporting all of these issues.

2018/06/02 Corrected truncated renditions
 - Corrected truncated Maududi 10:2 - JZAK to Ahmed Khadim
 - Corrected numerous other truncated Maududi in surah 10 - JZAK to Farheen Maqsood (more pending)
 - Corrected truncated Shabbir Ahmed 3:19 - JZAK to Farheen Maqsood

2018/04/23 Corrected two more missing literal (words)

 - corrected missing "treaty/covenant" in literal 9:4 and 9:7 - JZAK again to Muhammad Mir

2018/04/15 Corrected missing literal
 - corrected missing "treaty/covenant" in literal 9:1 - JZAK to Muhammad Mir

2018/04/15 Corrected typo / transcrition errors
corrected spacing in Wahiduddin Khan 5:69
 - corrected spacing in Wahiduddin Khan 28:58
- corrected spacing in Wahiduddin Khan 39:33

2018/03/25 Corrected Aziz, recategorized Al-Muntakhab
corrected truncated Hamid S. Aziz 26:200 (JZAK to Samir Abboushi)

2018/02/06 Corrected Aziz, recategorized Al-Muntakhab
 - corrected truncated Hamid S. Aziz 24:31
 - removed truncated [Al-Muntakhab] 24:31 due to lack of source
 - recategorized [Al-Muntakhab] to "Partial" section, due to same lack of source

     * If any of our readers has access to this work, please contact us.  JZAK

2018/02/03 Multiple changes, multiple renditions, and a policy change
 - in the past IslamAwakened has (mostly) included each translation/rendition of the verse of the Qur'an "AS-IS". We transcribed them exactly as they were made available to us, with only minor and obvious typographical corrections.

Today we have implement a change to that policy, based on feedback from various readers.

1. Numerous verses had " God's " rendered as " Gods ".  These have been corrected.

2. Other verses, which refer to pagan idols, used " Gods ".  These have been corrected to " gods ".
    The only verses this change was not applied to was those discussing the differences with Christians.
    It is our prayer that leaving these, and only these, as-is will help in future dawah efforts.

3. The partial upoad of Ahmed Halusi had some sequencing issues.  Now fixed.

One again we thank all those who support IslamAwakened with suggestions, problem reports, and (yes) donations.

Jazak Allahu Khayran

2017/12/16 Navigation
- added ayat navigation at page end for convenience - JZAK to Samir Abboushi for the suggestion.

2017/12/16 Mir Aneesuddid
- corrected sequence error in Syrah Ta Ha; thanks to Samir Abboushi for the report.

2017/11/26 Muhammad H. al-`Asi

 - new addition of The Ascendant Qur‘an, by Muhammad H. al-‘Asi; work in progress, as of November 2016 ayat 1:1 to 2:141 have been transcribed.

2017/11/26 Wahiduddin Khan
 - corrected missing period in 18:30; thanks to brother Larbs Ben for the reports.

2017/11/24 Wahiduddin Khan
 - corrected partial truncation in al-Kahf 18:18 and missing apostrophe in 18:21; thanks to brother Larbs Ben for the reports.

2017/11/21Yusuf Ali (original) 
 - corrected typos in al-Baqarah 2:136, 2:177, 2:185, 2:243, 2:249, 2:283; also al-Imran 3:7, 3:20, 3:25, 3:64, 3:84; thanks to sister Erica Bolliger for the reports.

2017/11/21 Hamad S. Aziz 
 - corrected truncation in an-Nahl 16:71; thanks to Samir Abboushi for the report.

2017/10/09 Literal / word-for-word translation 
 - fixed missing word in at-Talaq 65:3; thanks to Fayaad Ali for the report.

2017/09/26 N. J. Dawood (edited) translation 
 - thanks to the hard work of sister Samina Khan, the translation by N.J.Dawood has been updated.

2017/07/30 All changes complete
 - redirects to will still occur for some, but both are aliases of the same site

2017/06/13 Temporary move to backup site due to hack attack
 - repair continues 6/18 - word-for-word individual audio files in place

2016/12/09 Truncated 2:187 Hamid Aziz fixed

2016/12/09 Truncated 22:15 Dr. Kamal Omar fixed

2016/12/09 Entire surah 22 Mir Aneesuddin fixed

2016/12/09 Corrrected special characters in Sayyid Qutb (transcription in progress)

2016/12/09 Corrrected 18:12 Muhammad Asad


2016/09/05 Truncated 27:40 Hamid Aziz fixed

2016/09/05 4:46 Yusuf Ali "What hear and obey" corrected to "We hear and obey"


2016/04/23 Complete updated revision of Bakhtiari Nejad rendition.

2016/04/23 Corrected transcription error in 16:51 Safi Kaskas rendition.

2016/03/06 Added Bakhtiari Nejad rendition. 

2016/03/05 Added Safi Kaskas rendition. JZAK to the author for his assistance.


2015/02/02 UPGRADE to Joomla 3 


2014/12/07 Fixed parsing error in Aisha Bewley Surah al-A'raf (shukron to Shibli Zaman)

2014/07/26 Added missing ayah [various] to M. Farooq Malik rendition

2014/07/26 Added missing ayah 25:63-77 to [Al-Muntakhab] rendition

2014/07/26 Added redirect for

2014/07/26 Fixed run-together words in Wahiduddin Khan al-Imran 3:134

2014/07/26 Fixed transcription error in Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali al-Ahzab 33:33

2014/07/26 Fixed run-together words in Wahiduddin Khan ar-Ra`d 13:29

2013/09/14 Per author request "Progressive Muslims" renamed "The Montheist Group (2011)"

2013/09/14 Per author request "Free Minds" renamed "The Montheist Group (2013)"

2013/07/26 Added Free Minds translation; replaced bad Qur'an Index link

2013/07/20 Added internation translation pages; added ease-of-use tabs on all ayat pages

2013/06/15 fixed incorrect parsing in N J Dawood 25:30-32 (shukron to Wasim Uddin) 

2013/06/08 added translation "Quran in English: Clear and Easy to Read (2012)" by Talal Itani. 

2013/06/08 corrected truncation of [al Mukatab] 74:31

2013/06/01 deprecated Amatul Rahman Omar, due to oddities in al-Baqarah 2:72 translation (and related ayah)

2013/05/25 updated Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to latest edition

2013/05/10 added Ahmed Raza Khan - Barelvi - redition (in the yellow section)

2013/05/05 added Link and images for

2013/05/03 fix transcription error in Asad's surah 18 ayat 46; two transcription error in surah 2, ayat 27 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet); one transcription error located in Bijan Moeinian surah 81 ayat

2013/04/18 updated entire Bilal Muhammad rendition to 2013 edition 

2013/03/10 corrected transcription errors in multible ayah as reported by Arshad Chaudhry;corrected transcription error in Asad 86:9  (shukron to Mubashir Inayet); added missing ayah to T.B.Irving 42:17-19, 69:48; corrected several errors in surah 35, translator [al-Munkatab] (shukron to Arshad Chaudhry);  corrected several errors in surah 81, ayat 1 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet)

2013/03/08 corrected several errors in Kamal Omar (shukron to Samir Saikali) and one in Wahiduddin Khan 7:205

2013/03/05 added surah 76 thru 87 of rendition by Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli

2013/03/01 corrected Muhammad Asad missing word in al-Insan 76:21 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet)

2013/02/26 corrected Muhammad Asad missing word in al-Muzammil 73:6 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet); corrected Maududi truncated ayat in Hud 11:7

2013/02/23 corrected T.B. Irving missing ayat and seven resulting sequence errors in surah al-Mulk (shukron to Samir Saikali)

2013/01/06 corrected reported '&mdash;' problem (shukron to Francis Chabot of Université de Montréal)

2013/01/05 re-labeled two Yusuf Ali versions; moved 1938 edition to green/mainstream category

2013/01/04 added missing Farook Malik ayah

2013/01/03 added NEW TRANSLATON: draft N. J. Dawood (shukran to sister Samina Khan)

2012/07/28 corrected sequence issues with Hamid S. Aziz translation; corrected  [al-Mutakhab] 25:63

2012/06/19 Corrected sequencing error in T.B.Irving rendition, in Surrah Al-Maidah.