After completing medical school at the University of Cairo in 1986, Dr. Samy Mahdy finished his residency training in 1992 at Ministry of health. He then traveled to Saudi Arabia where he worked as resident anesthesia then medical director till 2013 when he moved to Canada as immigrant with his family. Dr. Mahdy was born in Egypt in a strict Muslim family, he studied Islam and the Arabic language until he  graduated from High School and he has extensive knowledge about the Qur'an and Islam.

In Canada He achieved medical administration diploma and clinical research diploma.
Dr. Samy was started his career as Islamic author and publisher in 2018.
As a public figure he has many books published through Amazon KDP and Lulu publishing and other internet sites

Spiritual Qur’an Translation

This is a translation of the holy Qur'an from Arabic to English;
the writer reviewed most of the translations that exist now
then he worked to avoid the errors he identified
in order to issue a translation based on the miracle existing In the Qur'an.