IQRA Worldwide Qur’an Conference

The Qur’an says of itself, “This Book of Scriptures is perfected and clarified. It is from the One who is Perfectly Wise and Fully Aware” (Surah 11: 1). Certainly, such a perfected revelation deserves the best and most honorable efforts in translation. Reflecting the Word of Allah in another language is a responsibility that must be taken with the purest of intentions and with faith in the guidance of the One who perfected our religion.

IQRA (International Qur’an Research Association) is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in presenting the best understanding of the Qur’an’s message for the situations of our confusing and corrupted world. Islam has the answers, but too many Muslims are stuck in the logic of seventh-century needs. We need continually revised editions of Qur’an translations and commentaries in order to keep up with a constantly changing world.

IQRA is announcing its first worldwide Qur’an conference. You are invited to peek inside the minds and hearts of the translators. Their presentations will give you a glimpse of their passion and aspirations in rendering Qur’an versions that will speak to the souls of the readers to inspire them to launch lifestyles of faith and goodwill that will guide the world to spiritual health and tranquility.

You are invited to attend the conference on ___(date/time)___ via the provided Zoom link.
You will hear translators present their logic, ideas, concerns, and wisdom,
and then you may ask questions and speak directly to the translators.
Both Muslims and non-Muslims are invited to attend.
Asalam alaykum, prayers, and best wishes for a Qur’an-inspired life.

Zoom link: (pending)