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95:1  I call to witness (four periods of human evolution including) the Fig (symbolic of the era of Adam when the foundations of the human civilization were laid), and the Olive (that of Noah, the founder of shari`at)
95:2  And Mount Sinai (that of Moses when the details of the Shari`at were revealed)
95:3  And this Town of security (of Makkah where with the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, the divine law was perfected and finalized)
95:4  (That) We have surely created the human being in the finest make and the best proportions (with enormous capabilities for an all round advancement through the process of evolution)
95:5  Then (according to Our law of cause and consequence) We degrade him to as the lowest of the low (if he does evil deeds)
95:6  Different, however, is the case of those who believe and do deeds of righteousness. There awaits them a never ending reward
95:7  Who is there, after this to belie you (O Prophet!) with regard to (the day of) Requital
95:8  Is (there still anyone to say that it is) not Allah the Best of Judges