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al-Kahf (The Cave)
as rendered by Yahiya Emerick
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Yahiya Emerick rendition of Surah The Cave(al-Kahf)
18:1 Praise be to God, the One Who sent down to His servant a Book in which He allowed no crookedness.
18:2 (It's a book that's) straightforward (and clear), so He can warn (all people) of a terrible penalty from Him, and so that He can give good news to the believers who do what's morrally right that they're going to have an excellent reward -
18:3 (a reward) that will stay with them forever.
18:4 (It's also a message that been revealed) so He can warn those who say, "God has begotten a son."
18:5 They have no knowledge (that could justify their claim), nor did their forefathers (have and certain proof), either. It's really an outrageous statement that's coming out of their mouths, for what they're saying is no more that a lie!
18:6 Perhaps you worry yourself to death as you follow after them, distressed that they're not believing in this narration.
18:7 Whatever (riches and distractions) that We've placed in the earth are but a dazzling display by which We test them, in order to bring out those whose conduct is best.
18:8 (In the end), We're going to reduce whatever is upon (the earth) to dry dust.


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