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ر غ ب
General Root Meaning
to desire, long for, wish, he made it wide/ample. With 'an - to show aversion to, dislike, have no desire. With ba and 'an (9:120) - to have preferred their own lives to his life. With
ila - to supplicate. raghbun - love, longing.
raghibun - one who supplicates earnestly.
   arāghibun   (1)

He said, "Why abandoning yourself (from) my gods, O Ibrahim? Surely, if not you desist surely, I will stone you, so leave me (for) a prolonged time."

   rāghibūna   (2)

Perhaps, our Lord, [that] will substitute for us a better than it. Indeed, we to our Lord turn devoutly."

And if [that] they (were) satisfied (with) what gave them Allah and His Messenger, and said, "Sufficient for us (is) Allah, will give us Allah of His Bounty and His Messenger. Indeed, we to Allah turn our hopes."

   raghaban   (1)

So We responded to him, and We bestowed on him Yahya, and We cured for him his wife. Indeed, they used (to) hasten in good deeds, and they supplicate to Us (in) hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive.

   fa-ir'ghab   (1)

And to your Lord turn your attention.

   watarghabūna   (1)

And they seek your ruling concerning the women. Say, "Allah gives you the ruling about them and what is recited to you in the Book concerning orphans [the] girls (to) whom not (do) you give them what is ordained for them and you desire to marry them, and the ones who are weak of the children and to stand for orphans with justice. And whatever you do of good then indeed, Allah is about it All-Knowing.

   yarghabu   (1)

And who will turn away from (the) religion (of) Ibrahim except who fooled himself? And indeed We chose him in the world, and indeed he, in, the Hereafter surely (will be) among the righteous.

   yarghabū   (1)

Not it was (for) the people of the Madinah and who were around them of the bedouins, that they remain behind after the Messenger of Allah, and not they prefer their lives to his life. That is because [they] (does) not afflict them thirst and not fatigue and not hunger in (the) way (of) Allah, and not they step any step that angers the disbelievers and not they inflict on an enemy an infliction except is recorded for them in it (as) a deed righteous. Indeed, Allah (does) not allow to be lost the reward (of) the good-doers.

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