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ر غ د
General Root Meaning
to abound in good thing, eat freely and plentifully, live in ease and affluence, be ample and pleasant (life).
   raghadan   (3)

And sets forth Allah a similitude (of) a town (that) was secure and content, coming to it its provision (in) abundance from every place, but it denied (the) Favors (of) Allah, so made it taste Allah (the) garb (of) the hunger and the fear for what they used (to) do.

And when We said, "Enter this town, then eat from wherever you wish[ed] abundantly, and enter the gate prostrating. And say, "Repentance, We will forgive for you your sins. And We will increase the good-doers (in reward)."

And We said, "O Adam! Dwell you and your spouse (in) Paradise, and [you both] eat from it freely (from) wherever you [both] wish. But do not [you two] approach this [the] tree, lest you [both] be of the wrongdoers."

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