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ر ف ث
General Root Meaning
sexual conduct, sex, lie with for sexual relationship, behave obscenity, immodest speech, sexuality, lewdness.
   l-rafathu   (1)

Permitted for you (in the) nights (of) fasting (is) the approach to your wives. They (are) garments for you and you (are) garments for them. Knows Allah that you used to deceive yourselves, so He turned towards you and He forgave [on] you. So now have relations with them and seek what has ordained Allah for you. And eat and drink until becomes distinct to you the thread [the] white from the thread [the] black of [the] dawn. Then complete the fast till the night. And (do) not have relations with them while you (are) secluded in the masajid. These (are the) limits (set by) Allah, so (do) not approach them. Thus makes clear Allah His verses for [the] people so that they may (become) righteous.

   rafatha   (1)

(For) the Hajj (are) months well known, then whoever undertakes therein the Hajj then no sexual relations and no wickedness and no quarrelling during the Hajj. And whatever you do of good knows it Allah. And take provision, (but) indeed, (the) best provision (is) righteousness. And fear Me, O men (of) understanding!

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