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98:1  Those who disbelieved among people of the book and the idolaters were not to disengage (from their ideas) until the clear evidence came to them,
98:2  a messenger from God reading purified scriptures (to them),
98:3  with true (and lasting) writings in it.
98:4  And those who were given the book did not become divided until after the clear evidence had come to them.
98:5  And they were ordered to serve God alone, being sincere to Him in the way of life (religion) as a monotheist, and perform mandatory prayer and give to mandatory charity. And that is the lasting (and right) way of life (religion).
98:6  Indeed, those who disbelieve among people of the book and the idolaters will be in fire of hell, remaining in there forever. They are the worst of creatures.
98:7  Those who believe and do good, they are the best of creatures.
98:8  Their reward with their Lord is eternal gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever and ever. God is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him. That is for anyone who fears his Lord.