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98:1  It could not be that those suppressing the Truth from among the people of the Book [Jews and Christians] and the polytheists were abandoned [by Allah], until there came to them the clear evidence
98:2  A Messenger from Allah, reciting scripts freed of all impurities
98:3  In it are rulings sound, clear and ever applicable
98:4  And those who have been given the divine Book [earlier] differed not but after the clear evidence had come to them
98:5  And they were enjoined not but to worship Allah, keeping their way of life exclusively for Him, turning away from all that was false; and to establish the prayer ; and to give the Zakaat. And this is the way of life sound, clear and ever applicable
98:6  Indeed, those who suppress the Truth from among the peoples who had been given the divine Book earlier and the polytheists — those will be in the fire of Hell, therein to abide: they are the worst of all creatures
98:7  Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds — it is they who are the best of all creatures
98:8  Their reward with their Lord: gardens of perpetual bliss, underneath which rivers flow, wherein to abide forever. Allah will be well-pleased with them, and they with Him. All this for him who fears his Lord