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al-Baiyinah (The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof(al-Baiyinah)
98:1 The unbelievers among those to whom the scriptures were given, and among the idolaters, did not stagger, until the clear evidence had come unto them:
98:2 An apostle from God, rehearsing unto them pure books of revelations;
98:3 wherein are contained right discourses.
98:4 Neither were they unto whom the scriptures were given divided among themselves, until after the clear evidence had come unto them.
98:5 And they were commanded no other in the scriptures than to worship God, exhibiting unto him the pure religion, and being orthodox; and to be constant at prayer, and to give alms: And this is the right religion.
98:6 Verily those who believe not, among those who have received the scriptures, and among the idolaters, shall be cast into the fire of hell, to remain therein for ever. These are the worst of creatures.
98:7 But they who believe, and do good works; these are the best of creatures:
98:8 Their reward with their Lord shall be gardens of perpetual abode, through which rivers flow; they shall remain therein for ever. God will be well pleased in them; and they shall be well pleased in him. This is prepared for him who shall fear his Lord.


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