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65:1  O’ Prophet! When you, (O' Muslims), divorce women, divorce them for their prescribed time, calculate the number of the days prescribed and act piously toward Allâh, your Lord. Evict them not from their homes; neither let them go forth unless they commit a proven adultery. These are the limits of Allâh. Whoever transgresses the limits of Allâh has wronged himself. You never know: maybe Allâh will cause something new to happen after that.
65:2  Then, when they have reached their prescribed time, either take them according to an acceptable terms or part with them according to an acceptable term. Call to witness two men of justice from among you and give upright testimony for Allâh. That is an admonition given to the one who has affirmed his Faith in (the Absolute Oneness of) Allâh and in the Last Day. Whosoever acts piously towards Allâh, He will make a way out for him.
65:3  And He will provide him the means of subsistence from where he does not expects. Whoever depends on Allâh with full trust, (let him be sure that) Allâh is Sufficient for him. Verily Allâh will accomplish His command. Most surely Allâh has set a measure for all things.
65:4  As for the women who have reached menopause - if you have any doubts- their prescribed time will be three months, along with those who do not have it. However, for those who are pregnant, their prescribed time is until they lay down their burdens. Whosoever acts piously towards Allâh, He will make his affair be easy for him.
65:5  That is the Command of Allâh, which He has sent down to you. Whosoever acts piously towards Allâh, He will deliver him from all the consequences of his iniquitous deeds and magnify his reward.
65:6  Lodge them where you live according to your means and do not intimidate them in order to make their life intolerable. If they are pregnant, then spend on them till they deliver. If they breast-feed your children, you have to pay them their wages and confer among yourselves in the acceptable way. If you are unable to resolve your disputes, then you can hire another woman to nurse the child.
65:7  Now, therefore, let the wealthy man expend according to his means, and the poor expend from what Allâh has given him. Allâh does not charge a person except with that He has given him. Allâh will bring about ease after hardship.
65:8  So many inhabitants revolted against the command of their Lord and His Messengers. Therefore, We called them to a stern account and chastised them with a dreadful punishment.
65:9  They tasted the horrific consequences of their conduct, and the outcome of their affair was perdition.
65:10  Allâh has prepared for them a severe punishment. Now, Therefore, act piously toward Allâh, O’ you men who possess high intelligence and great illumination. O’ you who live by Faith! Allâh has indeed revealed to you the Book of Enlightenment Quotes - (the Revealer of Truth, the Qur’ān).
65:11  (He has also sent to you) a Messenger who recites to you the Verses of Allâh as a conclusive evidence so that He may bring those who Live by Faith and strive to do righteous acts out of darkness into the light. Whoever affirms his faith (in the Absolute Oneness of) Allâh and strives to do righteous acts, He will admit him into Gardens underneath which rivers flow where they will live in forever. And Allâh has indeed made splendid provision for him.
65:12  Allâh is the One Who created seven heavens and of the earth the like thereof. His Command descends between them so that you may know that Allâh is Most Capable of doing whatever He desires, and that Allâh encompasses all things in His Knowledge.