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65:1  O Prophet, when you divorce women, divorce them at their prescribed periods, and count their prescribed periods. Fear Allah your Lord! Do not kick them out of their homes, and they should not leave. The exception is if they are guilty of immorality. Those are the limits set by Allah. Anyone who transgresses the limits of Allah truly wrongs his/her own soul. You do not know if Allah will thereafter bring about a new situation.
65:2  When they fulfill their appointed times, either take them back on equitable terms or separate from them on equitable terms. Take two witnesses, filled with justice, from among you. Present the evidence before Allah. Such is the warning given to the one who believes in Allah and the last day. For those who revere Allah, He prepares a way out.
65:3  He provides for him/her from beyond expectations. If anyone trusts in Allah, He is enough for him/her. Allah will certainly fulfill His will. Truly, Allah has set a measure for everything.
65:4  For any of your women who are past the age of monthly periods, assign them three months if you have any doubts. [That also goes] for those who do not have periods [for any other reason]. For those who are pregnant, their terms are until they deliver their babies. For those who fear Allah, He will make their journeys easy.
65:5  That is the command of Allah, which He has sent down to you. For anyone who fears Allah, He will erase sins and will magnify the reward.
65:6  Ensure that (the women) live in the same fashion as you [men] live, according to your means. Do not inconvenience them [with strict rules]. If they are pregnant, support them until they deliver what they carry; and then, if they breastfeed, give them money during that time too. Make decisions together [husband and wife] with kindness If you have difficulties, get another woman to provide care [for the child] on your behalf.
65:7  The man of wealth should spend [on his wife] according to his means. The man with limited income should spend according to what Allah has given him. Allah does not burden anyone beyond what He has provided him. After any difficulty, Allah will soon grant relief.
65:8  How many communities rebelled against the command of their Lord and of His messengers so that We called each to stern accountability? We imposed on (each rebellious community) exemplary punishment.
65:9  It experienced the consequences of its conduct, and the end of its conduct was perdition.
65:10  Allah has prepared for (such communities) a severe punishment; therefore, fear and obey Allah, you who have understanding and have believed. Allah has indeed bestowed upon you a reminder.
65:11  [It came by] a messenger [Prophet Muhammed] reciting to you the verses of Allah. Obviously, this is so He may lead those who believe and perform righteous deeds, from dark shadows into light. Those who believe in Allah and perform righteous deeds will be admitted by Him into gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will live forever. Allah has indeed granted each one an excellent provision.
65:12  Allah is He who created seven skies and also layers of Earth. His command descends throughout so you may know that Allah has power over everything and that Allah comprehends everything with intellect.