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65:1  Prophet, when someone intends to divorce a woman, let him divorce her at a time when their waiting term can begin, and accurately count the waiting term. Fear Allah, your Lord. Do not drive them out of their houses, nor should they leave by themselves except if they had committed a shameless indecency. Those are Allah’s boundaries; whoever exceeds the boundaries of Allah has wronged himself. You don’t know what new circumstances Allah may bring about after that.
65:2  So when they have completed their waiting term, you may keep them honourably, or let them go honourably. On this occasion appoint two just witnesses amongst you, and establish witnesses for the sake of Allah. A guidance for believers in Allah and the Final Day. Whoever is mindful of Allah, He shall make a way out for him,
65:3  and provide him sustenance from where he wouldn’t expect. Whoever puts trust in Allah is enough for him. Allah will complete His task. Allah has made a precise amount of sustenance for all things
65:4  Your older women in menopause should complete the waiting term of three months if you are in doubt. The same applies to those who aren’t menstruating. The prescribed term for pregnant women is the end of their pregnancy. Whoever fears Allah, He will make his circumstances easy
65:5  That is the command of Allah, which He has sent down to you. Whoever is mindful of Allah, He will forgive his evil deeds, and increase for him his reward.
65:6  House them during the waiting period where you live, according to your financial means, and do not harass them in order to make their lives miserable. If they are pregnant, then spend generously on them until they have delivered the newborn. If they breastfeed the child for you, then give them a payment for that. Deal in a good way with each other. If you find yourselves in difficulty, then let another woman breastfeed the child for him.
65:7  Let the wealthy man spend according to his wealth, and let the one whose income is limited spend from what Allah has given him. Allah doesn’t burden anyone except with what He has given him. Allah will soon make ease after hardship
65:8  How many cities have rebelled against its Lord and His messengers’ command? We sternly brought them to account, and severely punished them.
65:9  So they tasted the evil effects of their disobedience, and their works finally came to nothing.
65:10  Allah has prepared a severe punishment for them. So be mindful of Allah, understanding people who believe! Allah has sent down a reminder to you,
65:11  a Messenger who recites Allah’s clear verses to you, to take those who believe and do good deeds out of the layers of darkness into the light. Whoever believes in Allah and does righteous deeds, He will admit him into gardens beneath which rivers flow; they will live therein forever. Allah has perfected for them their provisions
65:12  Allah is the One Who created the seven Heavens and the Earth in a similar number to them. His commandments come down between them, so that you may come to know that Allah has control over all things, and that Allah’s knowledge encompasses all things