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at-Talaq (Divorce)
as rendered by The Study Quran
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The Study Quran rendition of Surah Divorce(at-Talaq)
65:1 Prophet! When you divorce your wives, divorce them for the waiting period and count well the waiting period, and reverence your Lord. Expel them not from their houses; nor shall they depart, unless they commit a flagrant indecency. These are the limits set by God, and whosoever transgresses the limits set by God has surely wronged himself. Thou knowest not: perhaps God will bring something new to pass thereafter.
65:2 So when they have fulfilled their term, take them back in an honorable way or separate from them in an honorable way. And call two just persons among yourselves to witness and uphold the testimony for God. By this is exhorted whosoever believes in God and the Last Day. And whosoever reverences God, He will appoint a way out for him,
65:3 and will provide for him whence he reckons not. And whosoever trusts in God, He suffices him. Truly God fulfills His Command. God has indeed set a measure for all things.
65:4 As for those of your women who no longer await menstruation, if you are unsure, then their waiting period is three months, as it is for those who are yet to menstruate. But as for those who are pregnant, their term is until they deliver. And whosoever reverences God, He will appoint ease for his affair.
65:5 That is the Command of God that He has sent down unto you. Whosoever reverences God, He will absolve him of his evil deeds and honor him with reward.
65:6 Let them dwell where you dwell according to your means, and do not harm them so as to put them in straits. And if they are pregnant, then spend on them until they deliver. Then if they are suckling for you, give them their compensation, and consult together in an honorable way. And if you have difficulty with one another, then another will suckle for him.
65:7 Let one who has abundant wealth spend from his abundance. And let one whose provision is measured spend from that which God has given him. God tasks no soul beyond that which He has given it. God will bring ease after hardship.
65:8 And how many a town insolently defied the Command of its Lord and His messengers, such that We called it to a severe reckoning and punished it with a terrible punishment!
65:9 Then did it taste the evil consequences of its affair, and the end of its affair was loss.
65:10 God prepared a severe punishment for them. So reverence God, O possessors of intellect, who have believed. God has certainly sent down unto you a reminder:
65:11 a Messenger reciting unto you the clear signs of God to bring those who believe and perform righteous deeds out of darkness into light. And whosoever believes in God and works righteousness, He causes him to enter Gardens with rivers running below, to abide therein forever. God has indeed prepared for him a beautiful provision.
65:12 God it is Who created the seven heavens, and from the earth the like thereof. The Command descends among them that you may know that God is Powerful over all things and that God has encompassed all things in knowledge.


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