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65:1  Prophet, when you divorce women, then divorce them after their waiting period (three monthly periods) and keep count of the waiting period and be cautious of God, your Lord. (During that period) do not drive them out of their houses and they should not leave unless they commit an obvious indecency. These are limits set by God. And anyone who exceeds the limits set by God then he has wronged himself. You do not know, God may bring about an affair after that (to cause reconciliation).
65:2  And when they reach their appointed time, then keep them nicely or part with them nicely, and take witness two just persons from among yourselves, and perform the testimony for God. This is what anyone who believes in God and the Last Day is advised to it. And anyone who is cautious of God, He makes a way out for him.
65:3  And He provides him from where he would not think. And whoever puts his trust in God then He is enough for him. Indeed, God achieves His purpose. God has set a (proper) measure for everything.
65:4  And if you have doubt about those women of yours who are hopeless of menstruation then their waiting period is three months, as well as those who do not menstruate. And those who carry (are pregnant), their appointed time is until they deliver their load (and give birth). And anyone who is cautious of God, He makes his affair easy for him.
65:5  This is God's command which He has sent it down to you. And anyone who is cautious of God, He will remove his sins from him, and He makes his reward great.
65:6  Let them live where you live, according to your means, and do not harm them in order to pressure them (to leave). And if they are carrying, then spend on them until they deliver their load (and give birth). And if they nurse (your child) for you, then give them their wages and consult between yourselves nicely, and if you find it difficult then another (woman) may nurse (the child) for him.
65:7  A wealthy man should spend according to his wealth and anyone whose provision is restricted then he should spend according to what God has given him. God does not task anyone except according to what He has given it. God is going to bring about ease after difficulty.
65:8  And how many towns disobeyed its Lord's commandment and His messengers, then We called it into account, a severe reckoning, and We punished it, an awful punishment.
65:9  So, it tasted the bad result of its affair and the end of its affair was loss.
65:10  God has prepared a severe punishment for them. So, you people of understanding, who believe, be cautious of God. God has sent down a reminder to you.
65:11  A messenger who reads God's clear signs to you in order to bring out those who believe and do good from the darkness into the light. And anyone who believes and does good, He will admit him to gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever and ever. God has made good provision for him.
65:12  God is the One Who created seven skies, and like them of the earth, the command comes down between them so that you know that God is capable of everything and that God surrounds (has complete knowledge of) everything.