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65:1  O Prophet! When any of you men divorce your wives, divorce them with regard to their waiting period. And keep proper count of the period, and fear Allah, your Lord. Drive them not out of their homes [during the waiting period], nor should they themselves leave unless they openly commit an immoral act. And these are the bounds set by Allah. He who transgresses Allah's bounds, wrongs himself. You never know, Allah may well bring about some new situation after that
65:2  Then when their waiting term gets over, either retain them [as wives] honourably or part with them in fair manner. Call to witness two reliable men from among you and keep your testimony upright for Allah. This admonition is given to one who believes in Allah and the Last Day. And one who fears Allah, He will make for him a way out [of his difficulties]
65:3  And Allah will provide for him [who fears Him] from an unexpected source. And one who puts his trust in Him — Allah suffices for that one. Allah does indeed bring to fruition what He decrees. He has surely set a measure for all things
65:4  And, if you have any doubt in the case of those of your wives who have either passed the age of menstruation or [for any other medical reason] not menstruating, their waiting period is three months. The waiting period of those who are pregnant is until they deliver their burden [give birth]. Allah makes His Decrees easy for those who fear Him
65:5  That is the Decree Allah has sent down to you. He who fears Allah, he shall have his evil deeds effaced from him and the reward enriched for him
65:6  Allow the women [undergoing a waiting period] to live the same way you yourselves live as per your means. And harass them not to make their lives difficult. If they are pregnant, bear their expenses until they deliver. If they suckle your infants, pay them for it. Discuss things among yourselves honestly and honourably. And if you cannot bear with each other, let another woman suckle the infants for you
65:7  May man of means spend in accordance with his means. And may him, with restricted resources, spend in accordance with what Allah has given him. Allah burdens not any person with more than what He has given him. Allah will soon bring about ease after hardship
65:8  And how many a village/town did haughtily disregard the Decree of its Lord and His Messengers? And We sternly took it to account and punished it severely
65:9  So it [village/town] tasted the evil consequences of its conduct; and its conduct ended in ruin
65:10  Allah has prepared a severe punishment for them. So, O men of understanding, who believe, fear Allah! Surely, Allah has sent down to you a Reminder [the Qur'aan
65:11  [Through] a Messenger who conveys to you Allah's clear Verses, so that he might take those, who believe and do good deeds, out of darkness into light. Allah will admit the one who believes in Him and does good deeds into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, where such people will remain forever. Allah has surely made excellent provision for such a one
65:12  It is Allah who created the seven heavens and, of the earth, the like thereof. He sends His Decree down among them, so that you may know that Allah has power over all things, and that He does encompass all things with His knowledge