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65:1  O Prophet! (Say to the Muslims:) ‘When you seek to divorce your women, divorce them during their period of purity and count their prescribed period. And keep fearing Allah, Who is your Lord. And do not drive them out of their homes, nor should they leave unless they commit open indecency. And these are Allah’s (fixed) limits. And whoever transgresses Allah’s limits has surely wronged his own soul. (O man,) you do not know that Allah may perhaps develop a new situation (to turn you back to her after divorce)
65:2  Then when they reach closer to (the end of) their appointed term, retain them with kindness or separate from them with kindness. And take two just persons from amongst you as witnesses and establish testimony for the sake of Allah. This is advice for him alone who believes in Allah and the Last Day. And whoever fears Allah, He makes a way out for him (from pain and grief of this world and the Hereafter)
65:3  And He gives him sustenance from a source which he can never think of. And whoever puts his trust in Allah, then He (Allah) is Sufficient for him. Surely, Allah accomplishes His work entirely. He has certainly appointed a measure for everything
65:4  And those of your women who have no hope of menstruation, if you doubt (as to what will be their prescribed period), then their prescribed period is three months. And for those women who have not yet menstruated (their prescribed period is also the same). As for the pregnant women, their term is till the birth of the child. And whoever fears Allah, He makes his matter easy for him
65:5  This is the command of Allah which He has sent down to you. And whoever fears Allah, He removes his minor sins from his (record of deeds) and enhances reward for him
65:6  Keep the (divorced) women where you live according to your means. And do not harm them so as to make (the place of living) intolerable for them. And if they are pregnant, keep spending on them till they give birth to the child. Then if they suckle (the child) for your sake, pay them their recompense. And consult each other (as usual) for good. But if you experience difficulty mutually, (then some) other woman may suckle the child
65:7  The affluent one should spend (according to) his means. And whoever is provided sustenance scarcely, let him spend (on her maintenance) out of the provision which Allah has given him. Allah does not burden anyone beyond what He has given him. Allah will soon bring about ease after hardship
65:8  And how many towns there were (the inhabitants of) which disobeyed and revolted against the command of their Lord and His Messengers! So We called them to account in the shape of fierce accountability, and seized them with such a severe torment as was never seen or even heard of
65:9  So they tasted the evil consequence of their doings and their affair ended up in total loss
65:10  Allah has prepared for them severe torment (in the Hereafter as well). So keep fearing Allah, O men of reason, you who have believed. No doubt it is you towards whom Allah has sent down the Reminder (the Qur’an)
65:11  (And has also sent) the Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him), who recites to you clear Verses so that he may take those who have believed and do pious deeds from darkness to light. And he who believes in Allah and does pious deeds, He will admit him to the Gardens with streams flowing under them. They will live in them forever. Indeed, Allah has (prepared) for him excellent sustenance
65:12  Allah (alone) has created seven heavens and (brought about seven strata layer upon layer also whilst creating) the earth like them. And the command (i.e., phenomenon of coordination in the system of nature) continues to operate amongst them so that you may know that Allah has absolute power over everything, and that Allah has encompassed everything with His Knowledge (i.e., when scientific explorations will culminate, you will then perceive the glory of Allah’s power and His All-Encompassing knowledge as to how He has described the realities of His creation centuries before)