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65:1  O prophet, when ye divorce women, put them away at their appointed term; and compute the term exactly: And fear God, your Lord. Oblige them not to go out of their apartments, neither let them go out, until the term be expired, unless they be guilty of manifest uncleanness. These are the statutes of God: And whoever transgresseth the statutes of God, assuredly injureth his own soul: Thou knowest not whether God will bring something new to pass, which may reconcile them, after this
65:2  And when they shall have fulfilled their term, either retain them with kindness, or part from them honourably: And take witnesses from among you, men of integrity; and give your testimony as in the presence of God: This admonition is given unto him who believeth in God and the last day: And whoso feareth God, unto him will He grant a happy issue out of all his afflictions
65:3  and He will bestow on him an ample provision from whence he expecteth it not: And whoso trusteth in God, He will be his sufficient support; for God will surely attain his purpose. Now hath God appointed unto every thing a determined period
65:4  As to such of your wives as shall despair having their courses, by reason of their age; if ye be in doubt thereof, let their term be three months: And let the same be the term of those who have not yet had their courses. But as to those who are pregnant, their term shall be, until they be delivered of their burden. And whoso feareth God, unto him will He make his command easy
65:5  This is the command of God, which He hath sent down unto you. And whoso feareth God, He will expiate his evil deeds from him, and will increase his reward
65:6  Suffer the women whom ye divorce to dwell in some part of the houses wherein ye dwell; according to the room and conveniences of the habitations which ye possess: And make them not uneasy, that ye may reduce them to straits. And if they be with child, expend on them what shall be needful, until they be delivered of their burden. And if they suckle their children for you, give them their hire; and consult among yourselves, according to what shall be just and reasonable. And if ye be put to a difficulty herein, and another woman shall suckle the child for him
65:7  let him who hath plenty expend proportionably, in the maintenance of the mother and the nurse, out of his plenty: And let him whose income is scanty, expend in proportion out of that which God hath given him. God obligeth no man to more than He hath given him ability to perform: God will cause ease to succeed hardship
65:8  How many cities have turned aside from the command of their Lord and his apostles? Wherefore We brought them to a severe account; and We chastised them with a grievous chastisement
65:9  And they tasted the evil consequence of their business; and the end of their business was perdition
65:10  God hath prepared for them a severe punishment: Wherefore fear God, O ye who are indued with understanding. True believers, now hath God sent down unto you an admonition
65:11  an apostle who may rehearse unto you the perspicuous signs of God; that he may bring forth those who believe and do good works, from darkness into light. And whoso believeth in God, and doth that which is right, him will He lead into gardens beneath which rivers flow, to remain therein for ever: Now hath God made an excellent provision for him
65:12  It is God who hath created seven heavens, and as many different stories of the earth: The divine command descendeth between them; that ye may know that God is omnipotent, and that God comprehendeth all things by his knowledge