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at-Talaq (Divorce)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Divorce(at-Talaq)
65:1 God is hereby ordering his prophet to follow the following rules in divorce: First of all the waiting period (as prescribed in Ch. should be strictly calculated and reinforced as it is a serious matter in the eye of God. Secondly, the husband should not forced his wife to leave the house neither the wife should leave the house unless she has committed an open indecency. These are the laws of your Lord; whoever does not obey the law of God has been unfair to his own soul. God has imposed these laws so that there may be a reunion after the agreement upon divorce has been reached.
65:2 When the prescribed time is over, either return to your wife and honor her or depart decently and with kindness. You need two “just” men to witnesses the occurrence of the divorce. God, out of His Mercy, will help the one who believes in God and Hereafter and follows the order of his Lord.
65:3 God will provide for the above mentioned person from a source that he least expects it. The one who puts his trust in God, will not be disappointed. God has appointed a fate for everything.
65:4 The women who have reached menopause, their waiting period is three lunar months. The same law applies to women who have not menstruated yet or have delayed their menstruation. As for the pregnant women their waiting period ends as they deliver their baby. The one who puts his trust in God, He will make his path easy to pave.
65:5 These are the law of God sent down to you; the one who obeys his Lord’s commands, God will cover his sins and increase his reward.
65:6 While in their waiting period, let your wives live where you live and support them according to your means and do not harass them so that they would have no choice but to leave. If they are pregnant, you have to support them until they give birth to their child.
65:7 If the mother decides to give milk to the baby give her a salary in a mutually fair manner. If you can not reach to an agreement, then hire another woman to suckle the child. Let the rich man spend according to his means and the less fortunate spend as much as he is capable. God is not asking anyone more than what He has given them. May God provide ease after hardship. Now Muslims are being warned of the consequence of their disobedience in this world and Hereafter as well as the reward of their obedience.
65:8 There have been many communities who had rebelled against the laws of their Lord relayed to them by God’s Messengers. I (God) dealt with them accordingly and severely punished them.
65:9 They suffered in account of their ill-choice. What a loss they chose deliberately.
65:10 God has prepared for them a terrible punishment in Hereafter. Therefore, if you have intelligence and have chosen to believe, be mindful of your Lord. Your Lord has sent down to you a message through a messenger who clearly recites to you the revealed words of God in order to lead those who believe and lead an honorable life out of darkness into the light….
65:11 … Any one who believes in God and leads an honorable life will end up in the gardens of Paradise wherein the rivers flow. He will live there forever. God has provided for such a person an excellent provision.
65:12 God is the One Who created seven universes and many planets similar to earth [inhabited by living species]. Your Lord’s laws govern alike in all His realm of creation. This is let you know that God is the most powerful and that He is fully aware of everything.


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