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65:1  O you the Prophet; instruct the believers thus; "If you should divorce women, you can only dissolve your marriage contract in accordance with the principles ordained by Allah: You must not divorce them during their courses, nor in between the courses if you have had congress with them during that space of time, nor until you have made sure whether they are pregnant or not; this gives chance for reconciliation. And pay careful attention to computing and reckoning the interval prescribed lest the divorcee, pregnant or non pregnant, should miss her chance should she wish to remarry. And regard Allah, your Creator, and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, and do not drive them out of their homes nor should they themselves depart there from before the conclusion of the set period unless they have committed a proven immoral act"
65:2  When the set period is near fulfillment, you either hold together in honour and in each other's regard crowned with equity, or part in honour and equity. In either case you must bring two of your people, who are known to recourse to general principles of justice, who lift to Allah their inward sight, to bear witness to the final decision and resolution, be it divorce or reunion. This discourse is an exhortation to those who believe with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues, and their wisdom is consumed in confidence of the Day of Judgment. And he who entertains the profound reverence dutiful Allah, shall Allah be his very present help in trouble
65:3  "He confers on him of his bounty what is to his need and convenience whence he would not perceive nor expect". "And he who puts his trust in Allah will find in Allah the answer to his purpose, his hopes and his needs". Allah's purpose achieves its necessary ends. He has apportioned to everything its rightful measure and due proportion
65:4  And those of your women who have renounced the hope of experiencing their menstrual courses again, and you are in doubt of the date or of the nature of the discharge, then they have to wait for a set period of three months. A similar set period is obligatory to those who have not yet experienced these periodic courses. As for those who are in process of gestation, their set period accords with the duration of the pregnancy and ends when they have been relieved of their burden; and he who entertains the profound reverence dutiful Allah, will Allah facilitate his task and lead him to a facile and useful life
65:5  This is the ordinance, Allah has revealed to you and enjoined; and he who entertains the profound reverence dutiful to Allah, will Allah forgive him His iniquities and aggrandize his reward
65:6  Let them live where you live or else in the equivalent thereof in accordance with your means and do not treat them contemptuously nor restrain them nor restrict them in order to force them into a course of action that is profitable to you. If they are carrying your seed in their wombs, you must support their state in life by expenditure until they are disburdened of what they carry in their wombs. If they suckle and nurse your child at the breast, then you must pay them for the service rendered, and counsel together in each other's regard crowned with equity. If you should encounter difficulties, financial or organic, then the child may be nursed at the breast of another
65:7  Everyone of pecuniary resources must spend according to his means, and he who is of wanting means to produce the comforts of life shall spend in accordance with what Allah has given him. Allah imposes upon no soul or on anyone the tribute of spending but within the limitations of what He has given him; and behind an instance of hardship, Allah will bring relief
65:8  A good many townships contemptuously challenged their Creator's ordinances and the admonitions of His Messengers and We laid their disobedience to their charge and imputed their evil, and requited them with unsparing penalty and a condign punishment
65:9  And justly did they taste the fatal consequence of the evil way they conducted themselves in life! And the logical sequence of their behavior was evil consequence and the suffering of a great loss
65:10  And Allah has prepared for them an unsparing and condign punishment Therefore regard Allah with the profound reverence dutiful to Him you people of insight who recognize Him with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues. With asseveration did Allah send down to you people the Quran to be mindful of Him and of His prescribed path of righteousness
65:11  A Quran personified in a Prophet who features the spirit of truth and the grace of Allah expressing and elucidating to you its expounded revelations in order to guide you into all truth, and to conduct those, whose hearts are impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds of wisdom and piety from want of spiritual or intellectual sight into enlightenment and illumination. Allah shall welcome them into gardens of surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow; wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity; and be graced with the bounty of Providence
65:12  It is Allah Who created seven heavens and of the earth the likeness thereof. His command and controlling power circulate among them; signs indicative of His Omnipotence over all things and inductive to the realization that Allah is acquainted with all the facts and that His Omniscience covers all things in all respects