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AYAH Quraysh 106:1 

Arabic Source and Roman Transliteration
Arabic لِإِيلَافِ قُرَيْشٍ zoom
Transliteration Li-eelafi qurayshin zoom
Transliteration-2 liīlāfi qurayshin zoom
(Word by Word)
 For (the) familiarity (of the) Quraish, zoom

Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning
Muhammad Asad SO THAT the Quraysh might remain secure, zoom
M. M. Pickthall For the taming of Qureysh. zoom
Yusuf Ali (Saudi Rev. 1985) For the covenants (of security and safeguard enjoyed) by the Quraish, zoom
Yusuf Ali (Orig. 1938) For the covenants (of security and safeguard enjoyed) by the Quraish, zoom
Shakir For the protection of the Qureaish-- zoom
Wahiduddin Khan For the security of the Quraysh: zoom
Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar For the solidarity of the Quraysh, zoom
T.B.Irving In dealing with the Quraysh, zoom
The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab ˹At least˺ for ˹the favour of˺ making Quraysh habitually secure— zoom
Safi Kaskas So that Quraysh remains secure: zoom
Abdul Hye  (It is a great blessing and protection from Allah) for the safety of Quraish (caretaker of the house of Allah), zoom
The Study Quran For the secure passage of the Quraysh, zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition) This should be cherished by Quraysh. zoom
Abdel Haleem [He did this] to make the Quraysh feel secure, zoom
Abdul Majid Daryabadi For the keeping of the Quraish zoom
Ahmed Ali SINCE THE QURAISH have been united, zoom
Aisha Bewley In acknowledgment of the established tradition of Quraysh, zoom
Ali Ünal (At least) for (God’s constant) favor of concord and security to the Quraysh, zoom
Ali Quli Qara'i [In gratitude] for solidarity among the Quraysh, zoom
Hamid S. Aziz For the taming (civilizing) of the Qureysh; zoom
Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali For the (customary) accord (Or: joining together) of Quraysh, zoom
Muhammad Sarwar For God's favors to them during their summer and winter journeys, zoom
Muhammad Taqi Usmani Because of the familiarity of the Quraish, zoom
Shabbir Ahmed For the privilege (of security) cherished by Quraish. zoom
Syed Vickar Ahamed For the agreements (promises) of security and safeguard (enjoyed) by Quraish, zoom
Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) For the accustomed security of the Quraysh - zoom
Farook Malik The privilege of protection enjoyed by the Qureysh, zoom
Dr. Munir Munshey (The tribe of) Quraish is well known. zoom
Dr. Kamal Omar Under obligation to lelaf of Quraish, zoom
Talal A. Itani (new translation) For the security of Quraish. zoom
Maududi Since the Quraysh became accustomed, zoom
Ali Bakhtiari Nejad For keeping/protection of the Quraish, zoom
A.L. Bilal Muhammad et al (2018) For the security enjoyed by the Quraysh, zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition) This should be cherished by Quraysh. zoom
Mohammad Shafi For the welfare of the Qurays zoom

Controversial, deprecated, or status undetermined works
Bijan Moeinian For the protection of the tribe of Quraish. zoom
Faridul Haque Because of giving alliances to the Quraish. zoom
Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah For the custom of the Koraysh, zoom
Maulana Muhammad Ali For the protection of the Quraish zoom
Muhammad Ahmed - Samira To Koreish's unification/familiarity . zoom
Sher Ali Thy Lord destroyed the Owners of the Elephant in order to attach the hearts of the Quraish - zoom
Rashad Khalifa This should be cherished by Quraish. zoom
Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi) Because Quraish was made to incline. zoom
Amatul Rahman Omar (Lord destroyed the People of the Elephants which event proved helpful) for making covenants of the Quraish (with their contemporary kings for trade). zoom
Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri To awake drive amongst the Quraysh, zoom
Muhsin Khan & Muhammad al-Hilali (It is a great Grace and Protection from Allah), for the taming of the Quraish, zoom

Non-Muslim and/or Orientalist works
Arthur John Arberry For the composing of Koraish, zoom
Edward Henry Palmer For the uniting of the Qurais; zoom
George Sale For the uniting of the tribe of Koreish; zoom
John Medows Rodwell For the union of the KOREISCH: - zoom
N J Dawood (2014) FOR THE protection of Quraysh: zoom

New and/or Partial Translations, and works in progress
Sayyid Qutb For the tradition of Quraish, zoom
Musharraf Hussain For the Quraysh’s feeling of security – zoom
Ahmed Hulusi In order to establish acquaintenceship and respect for the Quraysh, zoom
Torres Al Haneef (partial translation) For the benefit of the Quraysh; zoom
Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim The union of the people of Qoraish into one whole body, zoom
Mir Aneesuddin For the taming of Quraysh, zoom

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