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ز و ر
General Root Meaning
visit, visitor, incline towards, he honoured him, falsify/beautify/embellish, lie/untruth, adjust/correct, decline or turn aside from it, determination
Zurtum (prf. 2nd m. plu.): You visited
Tazaawaru (imp. 3rd. p. f. VI.): She deviates
Zuura (acc. n.):
Zuuru (nom. n): Falsehood; False speech; False.
   l-zūra   (1)

And those who (do) not bear witness (to) the falsehood, and when they pass by futility, they pass (as) dignified ones

   l-zūri   (1)

That and whoever honors (the) sacred rites (of) Allah, then it (is) best for him near his Lord. And are made lawful to you the cattle except what is recited to you. So avoid the abomination of the idols and avoid (the) word false.

   tazāwaru   (1)

And you (might) have seen the sun, when it rose, inclining away from their cave to the right, and when it set, passing away from them to the left while they (lay) in the open space thereof. That (was) from (the) Signs (of) Allah. Whoever guides Allah and he (is) the guided one, and whoever He lets go astray then never you will find for him a protector, a guide.

   zur'tumu   (1)

Until you visit the graves.

   wazūran   (1)

And say those who disbelieve, "Not this (is) but a lie, he invented it and helped him at it people other." But verily, they (have) produced an injustice and a lie.

Those who pronounce zihar among you [from] (to) their wives, not they (are) their mothers. Not (are) their mothers except those who gave them birth. And indeed, they surely say an evil [of] [the] word and a lie. But indeed, Allah (is) surely, Oft-Pardoning, Oft-Forgiving.

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