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ط و ل
General Root Meaning
to be long, continue for a long time, be lasting, be protracted. taulu - plenty of wealth, sufficiency of personal social and material means, power. tuulun - height. tawiilun - long. tatawala - to spread, be lengthened/prolonged.
   afaṭāla   (1)

Then returned Musa to his people angry (and) sorrowful. He said, "O my people! Did not promise you your Lord a promise good? Then, did seem long to you the promise, or did you desire that descend upon you (the) Anger of your Lord, so you broke (the) promise to me?"

   l-ṭawli   (2)

And when was revealed a Surah that; believe in Allah and strive with His Messenger, ask your permission (the) men (of) wealth among them and said, "Leave us, (to) be with those who sit."

(The) Forgiver (of) the sin, and (the) Acceptor (of) [the] repentance, severe (in) the punishment, Owner (of) the abundance. (There is) no god except Him; to Him, (is) the final return.

   ṭāla   (1)

Nay, We gave provision (to) these and their fathers until grew long for them, the life. Then do not they see that We We come (to) the land, We reduce it from its borders? So is (it) they (who will be) overcoming?

   ṭawlan   (1)

And whoever (is) not able to among you afford to marry the free chaste [the] believing women then (marry) from what possess[ed] your right hands of your girls - (of) the believers. And Allah knows best about your faith. You (are) from (one) another. So marry them with (the) permission (of) their family and give them their bridal due in a fair manner. (They should be) chaste not those who commit immorality and not those who take secret lovers. Then when they are married and if they commit adultery then for them (is) half (of) what (is) on the free chaste women of the punishment. That (is) for whoever fears committing sin among you and that you be patient (is) better for you. And Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

   ṭūlan   (1)

And (do) not walk in the earth (with) insolence. Indeed, you will never tear the earth and will never reach the mountains (in) height.

   ṭawīlan   (2)

And of the night prostrate to Him, and glorify Him a night long.

Indeed, for you in the day (is) occupation prolonged.

   fataṭāwala   (1)

But We [We] produced generations and prolonged for them the life. And not you were a dweller among (the) people (of) Madyan, reciting to them Our Verses, but We [We] were the Senders.

   faṭāla   (1)

Has not come (the) time for those who believed that become humble their hearts at (the) remembrance (of) Allah and what has come down of the truth? And not they become like those who were given the Book from before, (and) was prolonged for them the term, so hardened their hearts; and many of them (are) defiantly disobedient.

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