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ط ب ق
General Root Meaning
to cover/overwhelm, to make a thing match/conform/suit/correspond/agree with another thing, to hit/get right, become accustomed/habituated, a thing that is equal of another thing of any kind in its measure so that it covers the whole extent of the latter like the lid, tibaqun - fittings, adapting, in order one above another, stages, layers, stories, series, plane, floors, stratum.
   ṭibāqan   (2)

Do not you see how did create Allah (the) seven heavens (in) layers,

The One Who created seven heavens one above another. Not you see in (the) creation (of) the Most Gracious any fault. So return the vision, can you see any flaw?

   ṭabaqin   (1)

You will surely embark (to) stage from stage.

   ṭabaqan   (1)

You will surely embark (to) stage from stage.

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