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س و غ
General Root Meaning
to pass easily, agreeably and pleasantly down the throat (e.g. food/drink). to be easily swallowed, pleasant to drink.
   sāighun   (1)

And not are alike the two seas. This (is) fresh, sweet, pleasant its drink, and this salty (and) bitter. And from each you eat meat fresh and you extract ornaments you wear them, and you see the ships in it, cleaving, so that you may seek of His Bounty, and that you may be grateful.

   sāighan   (1)

And indeed, for you in the cattle (is) a lesson. We give you to drink from what (is) in their bellies, from between bowels and blood, milk pure, palatable to the drinkers.

   yusīghuhu   (1)

He will sip it but not he will be near (to) swallowing it. And will come to him the death from every side, but not he will die. And from ahead of him (is) a punishment harsh.

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