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ش ك ك
General Root Meaning
to doubt.
   shakkun   (1)

Said their Messengers, "Can (there) be about Allah any doubt, (the) Creator (of) the heavens and the earth? He invites you, so that He may forgive for you [of] your sins, and give you respite for a term appointed." They said, "Not you (are) but a human like us, you wish to hinder us from what used to worship our forefathers. So bring us an authority clear."

   shakkin   (1)

And for their saying, "Indeed, we killed the Messiah, Isa, son (of) Maryam, (the) Messenger (of) Allah." And not they killed him and not they crucified him but it was made to appear (so) to them. And indeed, those who differ in it (are) surely in doubt about it. Not for them about it [of] (any) knowledge except (the) following (of) assumption. And not they killed him, certainly.

So if you are in doubt of what We have revealed to you, then ask those who (have been) reading the Book from before you. Verily, has come to you the truth from your Lord, so (do) not be among the doubters.

Say, "O mankind! If you are in doubt of my religion, then not I worship those whom you worship from besides Allah, but I worship Allah, the One Who causes you to die. And I am commanded that I be of the believers."

They said, O Salih! Verily you were among us the one in whom hope was place before this. Do you forbid us that we worship what worshipped our forefathers? And indeed we surely (are) in doubt about what you call us to it, suspicious."

And verily We gave Musa the Book, but differences arose therein. And if not (for) a Word (that) preceded from your Lord, surely would have been judged between them. And indeed, they surely (are) in doubt concerning it suspicious.

Has not come to you (the) news (of) those who (were) from before you, the people of Nuh, and Aad and Thamud and those who (were) from after them? None knows them except Allah. Came to them their Messengers with clear proofs but they returned their hands in their mouths and they said, "Indeed we [we] disbelieve in what you have been sent with [it], and indeed, we (are) surely in doubt about what you invite us to it suspicious."

Nay, is arrested their knowledge of the Hereafter? Nay they (are) in doubt about it. Nay, they about it (are) blind.

And not was for him over them any authority except that We (might) make evident who believes in the Hereafter from (one) who [he] about it (is) in doubt. And your Lord over all things (is) a Guardian.

And a barrier will be placed between them and between what they desire, as was done with their kind from before. Indeed, they were in doubt disquieting.

Has been revealed to him the Message from among us?" Nay, They (are) in doubt about My Message. Nay, not yet they have tasted My punishment.

And indeed, came to you Yusuf from before with clear proofs, but not you ceased in doubt about what he brought to you [with it], until when he died, you said, "Never will raise Allah from after him a Messenger." Thus, lets go astray Allah who [he] (is) a transgressor, a doubter."

And certainly, We gave Musa the Book, but disputes arose therein. And had it not been (for) a word (that) preceded from your Lord, surely, would have been settle between them. But indeed, they surely (are) in doubt about it disquieting.

And not they became divided until from after [what] came to them the knowledge (out of) rivalry, among them. And if not (for) a word (that) preceded from your Lord for a term specified, surely, it (would have) been s between them. And indeed, those who were made to inherit the Book from after them (are) surely in doubt concerning it - disquieting.

Nay, they (are) in doubt - playing.

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