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ص غ ر
General Root Meaning
to be small/little.
saaghirun - one who is small/little/subdued/abject or in a state of subjection.
saghiir - small.
asghar - smaller.
saghaar - vileness, contempt, humiliation.
   aṣghara   (1)

And not you are [in] any situation, and not you recite of it from (the) Quran and not you do any deed except We are over you witnesses when you are engaged in it. And not escapes from your Lord of (the) weight (of) an atom in the earth, and not in the heavens and not smaller than that and not greater but (is) in a Record clear.

   aṣgharu   (1)

But say those who disbelieve, "Not will come to us the Hour." Say, "Nay, by my Lord surely it will come to you. (He is the) Knower (of) the unseen." Not escapes from Him (the) weight (of) an atom in the heavens and not in the earth and not smaller than that and not greater, but (is) in a Record Clear.

   l-ṣāghirīna   (2)

(Allah) said, "Then go down from it, for not it is for you that you be arrogant in it. So get out; indeed, you (are) of the disgraced ones."

She said, "That (is) the one, you blamed me about him. And certainly I sought to seduce him, [from] [himself] but he saved himself, and if not he does what I order him, surely, he will be imprisoned and certainly will be of those who are disgraced."

   ṣāghirūna   (2)

Fight those who (do) not believe in Allah and not in the Day the Last, and not they make unlawful what has made unlawful Allah and His Messenger, and not they acknowledge (the) religion (of) the truth, from those who were given the Scripture, until they pay the reparation (from) willingly, while they (are) subdued.

Return to them, surely, we will come to them with hosts not (is) resistance for them of it, and surely, we will drive them from there (in) humiliation, and they (will be) abased."

   ṣāghirīna   (1)

So they were defeated there and returned humiliated.

   ṣaghārun   (1)

And when comes to them a Sign they say, "Never we will believe until we are given like what was given (to the) Messengers (of) Allah." Allah knows best where He places His Message. Will afflict those who committed crimes a humiliation from Allah and a punishment severe for what they used to plot.

   ṣaghīrin   (1)

And every small and big (is) written down.

   ṣaghīran   (2)

And lower to them (the) wing (of) humility (out) of [the] mercy and say, "My Lord! Have mercy on both of them as they brought me up (when I was) small."

O you who believe[d]! When you contract with one another any debt for a term fixed then write it. And let write between you a scribe in justice. And not (should) refuse a scribe that he writes as (has) taught him Allah. So let him write and let dictate the one on whom (is) the right and let him fear Allah, his Lord, and (let him) not diminish from it anything. Then if is the one on him (is) the right, (of) limited understanding, or weak, or not capable that (can) dictate he, then let dictate his guardian with justice. And call for evidence two witnesses among your men. And if not there are two men then one man and two women of whom you agree of [the] witnesses, (so) that (if) [she] errs, one of the two, then will remind one of the two the other. And not (should) refuse the witnesses when that they are called. And not (be) weary that you write it - small or large for its term. That (is) more just near Allah, and more upright for evidence and nearer that not you (have) doubt, except that be a transaction present, you carry out among you, then not on you any sin that not you write it. And take witness when you make commercial transactio And not (should) be harmed (the) scribe and not (the) witness, and if you do, then indeed it (is) sinful conduct for you, and fear Allah. And teaches Allah. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

   ṣaghīratan   (2)

And (will) be placed the Book and you will see the criminals fearful of what (is) in it, and they will say, "Oh, woe to us! What (is) for this [the] Book, not leaves a small and not a great except has enumerated it?" And they will find what they did presented. And not deals unjustly your Lord (with) anyone.

And not they spend any spending small and not big, and not they cross a valley but is recorded for them, that may reward them Allah the best (of) what they used (to) do.

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