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ص ف و
General Root Meaning
it became clear/limpid/pure (often said of a drink), opposite of Kaf-Dal-Ra, free from turbidness/thickness/muddiness, free from admixture, became cloudless (said of air/atmosphere, but also said of love/life/mind/heart), clear/pure/best/choice/favoured part/potion, clear/clarify, true/sincere, distinguish particularly/specially, select/elect/prefer, serenity of life, comfort, reciprocal sincerity/purity.
take the best of, to choose in preference to, grant to another a preference in the choice of anything.
abound with milk (said of a she-camel/ewe/goat/sheep), palm-tree heavy with fruit,
reached stone (said of a digger).
the portion of the spoil, which the chief/commander chooses for himself before the division.
become destitute/devoid.
stone, smooth stone/rock, stone that doesn't give growth to anything, hard broad stone, a certain place in Mekkeh.