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ص ب ر
General Root Meaning
to bind, be patient or constant, endure patiently, steadily adhere to reason and command, restrain from what reason and law forbid, restrain from manifesting grief, agitation and impatience. The word being the contrary of jaz'a (manifestation of grief and agitation).
Sabar (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing.): He bore with patience.
Sabaruu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They bore patiently, patiently preserved.
Sabartum (prf. 2nd. p.m. plu.): You patiently preserved.
Sabarnaa (imp. 1st. p.m. plu.): We patiently preserved.
Yasbir (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. fuss.): He patiently preserves.
Tasbiru (imp. 2nd. p.m. sing. fuss.): You have patience.
Tasbiruuna/Tasbiruu (acc. /imp. 2nd. p.m. plu. juss.): You will patiently preserve.
Nasbira imp. neg. 1st. p. plu. ): We will not at all remain content.
Nasbiranna (imp. 1st. p. plu.): We will surely endure patiently.
Isbir (prt. m. sing.): Preserve thou (in doing good); Bear patiently; Wait thou patiently.
Isbiruu (prt. in. plu.): Be patiently preserving.
Saabiruu (prt. m. plu. III): Strive to excel in being patiently preserving.
Istabir (prt. in. plu. sing.): Be steadfast.
Sabrun/Sabran (acc./ v. n.): Patience.
Saabiruun/ Saabiriin (acc. /act. pic. plu.): Those who are calm and steadfast.
Saabiratun (act. plc. f sing.): Preserving one f.
Saabiraat (act. plc. f. plu.): Preserving women.
Asbara (elative.) : How very enduring.
Sabaar (ints. sing.): Patiently preserving.
Saabiran (act. pic. m. sing. acc.): Patient.