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ص ب ح
General Root Meaning
to visit or greet in the morning.
subhun/sabahun/isbaahun - the morning.
misbaahun (pl. masaabih) - lamp.
sabbah (vb. 2) - to come to, come upon, greet, drink in the morning.
asbaha - to enter upon the time of the morning, appear, begin to do, to be, become, happen.
musbih - one who does anything in or enters upon the morning.
Sabbah (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. II.): He overtook early in the morning.
Asbaha (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. IV): He became, began.
Asbahat (prf. 3rd. p. f. sing. IV.): It became.
Asbahtum (prf. 2nd p.m. plu. IV.): You became.
Asbahuu (pr. 3rd. p.m. plu. IV): They became.
Yusbiha (imp. 3rd p.m. sing. IV acc.) He becomes.
Tusbihu / Tusbiha (acc.l imp. 3rd. f sing. IV.): She becomes.
Yusbihuu (imp. 3rd. p.m. plu. VI. acc.): They become.
Yusbihunna (imp. 3rd. P.m. plu. IV. emp.): They certainly will become.
Tusbihuu (imp. 2nd. p.m. plu. IV. acc.): (That) you become.
Tusbihuuna (imp. 2nd. p.m. plu. IV.): You enter the morning.
Subhu (n.): Morning; Dawn.
Sabaah (n.) Morning; Dawn.
Isbaah (v. n.): Daybreak.
Musbihiina (ap-der.m.plu. IV, acc.): When they rise at dawn.
Misbaah (n.): Lamp.
Masaabiih (n. plu.): Lamps.