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ر ك ب
General Root Meaning
to ride, embark, mount, be carried, go on board of a ship, voyage on (the sea), walk on (a road), commit (a fault).
rakbun - caravan.
rukban (pl. of rakib) - one who rides, mounted.
rikab - camels.
rakub - use of a beast for riding.
mutarakibun - laying in heaps, ridden on one another, close growing, cluster over clustered, layer upon layer.
tarkabunna - to pass on, rise, ascend.
   ir'kab   (1)

And it sailed with them on the waves like mountains, and called out Nuh (to) his son, and he was [in] apart, "O my son! Embark with us and (do) not be with the disbelievers."

   ir'kabū   (1)

And he said, "Embark in it, in the name of Allah (is) its course and its anchorage. Indeed, my Lord (is) certainly Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

   tarkabūna   (1)

And the One Who created the pairs all of them and made for you [of] the ships and the cattle what you ride,

   rikābin   (1)

And what restored Allah to His Messenger from them, then not you made expedition for it of horses and not camels, but Allah gives power (to) His Messengers over whom He wills. And Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.

   rakibā   (1)

So they both set out until when they had embarked on the ship he made a hole in it. He said, "Have you made a hole in it, to drown its people? Certainly, you have done a thing grave."

   ruk'bānan   (1)

And if you fear then (pray) on foot or riding. Then when you are secure then remember Allah as He (has) taught you what not you were knowing.

   rakibū   (1)

And when they embark [in] the ship, they call Allah (being) sincere to Him (in) the religion. But when He delivers them to the land, behold, they associate partners (with Him)

   rakkabaka   (1)

In whatever form what He willed, He assembled you.

   rakūbuhum   (1)

And We have tamed them for them, so some of them - they ride them, and some of them they eat.

   latarkabunna   (1)

You will surely embark (to) stage from stage.

   litarkabū   (1)

Allah (is) the One Who made for you the cattle, that you may ride some of them and some of them you eat.

   litarkabūhā   (1)

And horses and mules and donkeys for you to ride them and (as) adornment. And He creates what not you know.

   mutarākiban   (1)

And He (is) the One Who sends down from the sky water, then We bring forth with it vegetation (of) every thing. Then We bring forth from it green plant, We bring forth from it grain - thick clustered. And from the date-palm, from its spathe clusters of dates hanging low. And gardens of grapes and the olives and the pomegranates resembling and not resembling. Look at its fruit when it bears fruit and its ripening. Indeed, in that (are) signs for a people (who) believe.

   wal-rakbu   (1)

When you (were) on the nearer side (of) the world (valley) and they (were) on the side, the farther and the caravan (was) lower than you. And if you (had) made an appointment certainly you would have faile in the appointment. But that might accomplish Allah a matter (that) was destined, that (might be) destroyed (those) who (were to be) destroyed on a clear evidence and (might) live (those) who (were to) live on a clear evidence. And indeed, Allah (is) All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

   yarkabūna   (1)

And We created for them from (the) likes of it what they ride.

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