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خ ر ص
General Root Meaning
To compute a quantity by way of conjecture, opining or form an opinion of a thing of which one is not certain, to speak by opinion or conjecture, and thus, lie and speak falsely and say what is untrue, forge a lie or saying, to be hungry and cold.
   l-kharāṣūna   (1)

Cursed be the liars,

   takhruṣūna   (1)

Will say those who associate partners (with Allah "If had willed Allah, not we (would) have associated par and not our forefathers and not we (would) have forbidden [of] anything." Likewise denied those who from (were) before them until they tasted Our wrath. Say, "Is with you [of] any knowledge then produce it for us? Not you follow except the assumption, and not you (do) but guess."

   yakhruṣūna   (2)

And if you obey most of (those) in the earth they will mislead you from (the) way (of) Allah. Not they follow except [the] assumption, and not they (do) except guess.

No doubt! Indeed, to Allah (belongs) whoever (is) in the heavens and whoever (is) in the earth. And not follow those who invoke from other than Allah partners. Not they follow but the assumption and not they but guess.

And they say, "If had willed the Most Gracious, that we would not have worshipped t Not they have about that any knowledge. Nothing they (do) but lie.

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