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خ ر ر
General Root Meaning
To sound murmured/rumbled or gurgled (water), run so as to make a noise [run/flow/trickle down so as to make a murmuring, or similar, sound], to be made to run [TA], sound rustled (wind), to snore or make a sound in breathing, to fall or fall down (making a sound to be heard at the same time) [sometimes used in the sense of falling absolutely], to surprise, come upon a place or person suddenly or unawares, to be lax or flabby, to pass along or away or by from one place to another.
   kharra   (2)

Then when We decreed for him the death, not indicated to them [on] his death except a creature (of) the earth eating his staff. But when he fell down, became clear (to) the jinn that if they had known the unseen, not they (would have) remained in the punishment humiliating.

Being upright to Allah, not associating partners with Him. And whoever associates partners with Allah then (it is) as though he had fallen from the sky and (had) snatched him the birds, or had blown him the wind to a place far off.

   kharrū   (2)

Only believe in Our Verses those who when they are reminded of them fall down prostrating and glorify (the) praises (of) their Lord, and they not are arrogant.

Those (were) the ones whom bestowed favor Allah upon them from (among) the Prophets, of (the) offspring (of) Adam, and of those We carried with Nuh and of (the) offspring (of) Ibrahim and Israel and of (those) whom We guided and We chose. When were recited to them (the) Verses (of) the Most Gracious, they fell prostrating and weeping.

   fakharra   (1)

Verily, plotted those who (were) from before them, but came Allah (at) their building from the foundations, so fell upon them the roof from above them, and came to them the punishment from where not they (did) perceive.

   watakhirru   (1)

Almost the heavens get torn therefrom, and splits asunder the earth and collapse the mountain (in) devastation

   wakharra   (1)

And when came Musa to Our appointed place and spoke to him his Lord, he said, "O my Lord! Show me (that) I may look at You." He said, "Never you (can) see Me, but look at the mountain [then] if it remains in its place then you see Me." But when revealed (His) Glory his Lord to the mountain, He made it crumbled to dust and fell down Musa unconscious. And when he recovered he said, "Glory be to You! I turn (in repentance) to you, and I am (the) first (of) the believers."

He said, "Certainly, he has wronged you by demanding your ewe to his ewes. And indeed, many of the partners certainly oppress some of them [on] another except those who believe and do righteous deeds and few (are) they." And became certain Dawood that We (had) tried him, and he asked forgiveness (of) his Lord and fell down bowing and turned in repentance.

   wakharrū   (1)

And he raised his parents upon the throne and they fell down to him prostrate. And he said, "O my father! This (is the) interpretation (of) my dream, from before. Verily, has made it my Lord true. And indeed, He was good to me when He took me out of the prison, and brought you from the bedouin life from after [that] had caused discord the Shaitaan between me and between my brothers. Indeed, my Lord (is) Most Subtle to what He wills. Indeed, He, He (is) the All-Knower, the All-Wise.

   wayakhirrūna   (1)

And they fall on their faces weeping, and it increases them (in) humility.

   yakhirrū   (1)

And those who, when they are reminded of (the) Verses (of) their Lord, (do) not fall upon them deaf and blind.

   yakhirrūna   (1)

Say, "Believe in it or (do) not believe. Indeed, those who were given the knowledge from before it, when it is recited to them, they fall on their faces (in) prostration."

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