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ك ب ب
General Root Meaning
To invert, overthrow, throw one with the face to the ground, throw face downwards, prostrate anyone on (the face), he prostrated him, he bent his head towards the ground, to fall down, turn a thing upside down, cut or wound, set about doing a thing, to keep or adhere to a thing, to contract into a compact mass, to wrap up, press together, to turn over one part upon another.
Charge/onslaught/assault, in war.
   fakubbat   (1)

And whoever comes with the evil, will be cast down their faces in the Fire. "Are you recompensed except (for) what you used (to) do?"

   mukibban   (1)

Then is he who walks fallen on his face better guided, or (he) who walks upright on (the) Path Straight?

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