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ك ع ب
General Root Meaning
swell/prominent/protuberant/projection/budding (common examples include a woman's breasts), jointed-stem, fold, went away, joint/juncture/division of bones (more commonly the ankle bone), tarsus (in animals), swift, eminence/nobility/glory, anything elevated, square/cubic house/chamber, square-form, to hasten, to go away paying no regard to anything

Quote from Lane's lexicon: "a house or temple belonging to the tribe of Rabee'ah, who used to compass it, or perform circuits round it (as is done round the Kabbeh of Mekkeh)".

Hans Wehr - Knot, knob, node (of cane); joint, articulation, ankles, anklebone; heel (of foot or shoe) ferule; die; cube; high rank, fame, glory, honor.

Everything that the male of the form fa'lun (being the representation of the Cl. Arabic form in question, universally applied to all roots) can mean, so can the female (fa'latun or modernly and colloquially fa'lah), with the added meaning of emphasis that the feminization of the word gives; where it is clear that there could be intensification. The female form can be found in 5:95, 5:97.
   l-kaʿbata   (1)

has made Allah the Kabah, the House, the Sacred, an establishment for mankind and the month(s) [the] sacred and the (animals) for offering and the garlands. That (is) so that you may know that Allah knows what (is) in the heavens and what (is) in the earth, and that Allah of every thing (is) All-Knowing.

   l-kaʿbati   (1)

O you who believe! (Do) not kill the game while you (are in) Ihram. And whoever killed it among you intentionally, then penalty (is) similar (to) what he killed of the cattle, judging it two men, just, among you (as) an offering reaching the Kabah or an expiation - feeding needy people or equivalent (of) that (in) fasting, that he may taste (the) consequence (of) his deed. pardoned Allah what (has) passed, but whoever returned, then will take retribution Allah from him. And Allah (is) All-Mighty, Owner (of) Retribution.

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