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ح ج ب
General Root Meaning
something which hinders/prevents/precludes/conceals/covers/protects/intervenes, hid, seclude, to veil/conceal/cover/hide a thing, intervene between two things.
   bil-ḥijābi   (1)

And he said, "Indeed, I [I] preferred (the) love (of) the good over (the) remembrance (of) my Lord." Until they were hidden in the veil;

   ḥijābun   (2)

And they say, "Our hearts (are) in coverings from what you call us to it, and in our ears (is) deafness, and from between us and between you (is) a screen. So work, indeed, we (are) working."

And between them (will be) a partition, and on the heights (will be) men recognizing all by their marks. And they will call out (to the) companions (of) Paradise that "Peace (be) upon you." Not they have entered it but they hope.

   ḥijābin   (2)

O you who believe! (Do) not enter (the) houses (of) the Prophet except when permission is given to you for a meal, without awaiting its preparation. But when you are invited, then enter; and when you have eaten, then disperse and not seeking to remain for a conversation. Indeed, that was troubling the Prophet, and he is shy of (dismissing) you. But Allah not is shy of the truth. And when you ask them (for) anything then ask them from behind a screen. That (is) purer for your hearts and their hearts. And not is for you that you trouble (the) Messenger (of) Allah and not that you should marry his wives from after him, ever. Indeed, that is near Allah an enormity.

And not is for any human that should speak to him Allah except (by) revelation or from behind a veil or (by) sending a messenger then he reveals by His permission what He wills. Indeed, He (is) Most High, Most Wise.

   ḥijāban   (2)

And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and between those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter a barrier hidden.

Then she took from them a screen. Then We sent to her Our Spirit then he assumed the likeness for her (of) a man well-proportioned.

   lamaḥjūbūna   (1)

Nay! Indeed, they from their Lord that Day surely will be partitioned.

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