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ف ر د
General Root Meaning
to be alone, separated, single, sole, simple, uncompound, secede, isolate, busy oneself soley about a thing, seclude oneself from the world, without companions/offspring.
   furādā   (1)

And certainly you have come to Us alone as We created you (the) first time, and you have left whatever We bestowed (on) you behind your backs. And not We see with you your intercessors those whom you claimed that they (were) in your (matters) partners (with Allah). Indeed, have been severed (bonds) between you and is lost from you what you used to claim."

   fardan   (1)

And We will inherit (from) him what he says, and he will come to Us alone.

And all of them (will) come (to) Him (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection alone.

And Zakariya, when he called (to) his Lord, "My Lord! (Do) not leave me alone, while You (are) [the] Best (of) the inheritors."

   wafurādā   (1)

Say, "Only I advise you for one (thing), that you stand for Allah (in) pairs and (as) individuals, then reflect." Not (is in) your companion any madness. Not he (is) except a warner for you between (your) hands a punishment severe."

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