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د و د
General Root Meaning
David, Name of the Prophet and King of Jews, founder and first ruler of the united kingdom of Israel and Judah.
   dāwūda   (4)

Were cursed those who disbelieved from (the) Children (of) Israel by (the) tongue (of) Dawood and Isa, son (of) Maryam, that (was) because they disobeyed and they were transgressing.

They worked for him what he willed of elevated chambers and statues and bowls like reservoirs and cooking-pots fixed. "Work, O family (of) Dawood! (in) gratitude." But few of My slaves (are) grateful.

Indeed, We have revealed to you as We revealed to Nuh and the Prophets from after him, and We revealed to Ibrahim and Ismail, and Ishaq and Yaqub, and the tribes, and Isa and Ayyub, and Yunus, and Harun and Sulaiman and We gave (to) Dawood the Zaboor.

And We bestowed to him Ishaq and Yaqub, all We guided. And Nuh, We guided from before; and of his descendents, Dawood and Sulaiman and Ayyub and Yusuf and Musa and Harun. And thus We reward the good-doers.

And your Lord (is) most knowing of whoever (is) in the heavens and the earth. And verily We have preferred some (of) the Prophets to others. And We gave Dawood Zaboor.

And verily, We gave Dawood and Sulaiman knowledge, and they said, "Praise be to Allah the One Who has favored us over many of His servants the believers."

And inherited Sulaiman Dawood. And he said, "O people! We have been taught (the) language (of) the birds, and we have been given from every thing. Indeed, this surely, it (is) the favor evident."

And certainly, We gave Dawood from Us Bounty. "O mountains! Repeat praises with him, and the birds." And We made pliable for him [the] iron,

Be patient over what they say, and remember Our slave, Dawood, the possessor of strength. Indeed, he (was) repeatedly turning.

When they entered upon Dawood and he was afraid of them, they said, "(Do) not fear. (We are) two litigants, has wronged one of us to another, so judge between us in truth and (do) not be unjust and guide us to an even [the] path.

And We gave understanding of i (to) Sulaiman, and (to) each We gave judgment and knowledge. And We subjected with Dawud the mountains (to) glorify Our praises and the birds. And We were the Doers.

   dāwūdu   (1)

So they defeated them by (the) permission (of) Allah, and killed Dawood Jalut, and gave him Allah the kingdom and the wisdom and taught him that which He willed. And if not (for the) repelling (by) Allah, [the] people - some of them with others, certainly (would have) corrupt the Earth, [and] but Allah (is) Possessor (of) bounty to the worlds.

He said, "Certainly, he has wronged you by demanding your ewe to his ewes. And indeed, many of the partners certainly oppress some of them [on] another except those who believe and do righteous deeds and few (are) they." And became certain Dawood that We (had) tried him, and he asked forgiveness (of) his Lord and fell down bowing and turned in repentance.

   lidāwūda   (1)

And We gave to Dawood Sulaiman, an excellent slave. Indeed, he (was) one who repeatedly turne

   wadāwūda   (1)

And Dawud and Sulaiman, when they judged concerning the field, when pastured in it sheep (of) a people, and We were to their judgment witness.

   yādāwūdu   (1)

"O Dawood! Indeed, We [We] have made you a vicegerent in the earth, so judge between [the] men in truth and (do) not follow the desire, for it will lead you astray from (the) way (of) Allah. Indeed, those who go astray from (the) way (of) Allah, for them (is) a punishment severe because they forgot (the) Day (of) Account."

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