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د و ل
General Root Meaning
To be in continual rotation, change, undergo vicissitudes.
   dūlatan   (1)

What restored Allah to His Messenger from (the) people (of) the towns, (it is) for Allah and His Messenger and for the kindred and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, that not it becomes a (perpetual) circulation between the rich among you. And whatever gives you the Messenger, take it and whatever he forbids you from it, refrain. And fear Allah. Indeed, Allah (is) severe (in) penalty.

   nudāwiluhā   (1)

If touched you a wound, so certainly (has) touched the people wound like it. And this [the] days We alternate them among the people [and] so that makes evident Allah those who believe[d] and take from you martyrs. And Allah (does) not love the wrongdoers.

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