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د ر س
General Root Meaning
To study, read, read with attention, disappear (trace), efface, obliterate, teach.
Darasuu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They have read or studied.
Darasta (pfr. 1st. p.m. sing.): Thou hast studied; though hast learnt well and diligently.
Yadrusuuna (imp. 3rd. m. plu.): They have been studying.
Tadrusuuna (imp. 2nd. p.m. plu.): You have been studying.
Diraasatun (v.n.): Study; Read.
   tadrusūna   (2)

Not is for a human that gives him Allah the Book, and the wisdom, and the Prophethood, then he says to the people, "Be worshippers of me from besides Allah, but (would say) "Be worshippers of the Lord because you have been teaching the Book and because you have been studying (it)."

Or (is) for you a book wherein you learn,

   dirāsatihim   (1)

Lest you say, "Only was revealed the Book on the two groups from before us, and indeed we were about their study certainly unaware."

   darasta   (1)

And thus We explain the Signs that they (may) say, "You have studied," and that We (may) make it clea for a people who know.

   wadarasū   (1)

Then succeeded from after them successors (who) inherited the Book taking goods (of) this the lower (life) and they say, "It will be forgiven for us." And if comes to them goods similar to it they will take it. Was not taken on them Covenant (of) the Book that not they will say about Allah except the truth while they studied what (is) in it? And the home (of) the Hereafter (is) better for those who fear Allah. So will not you use intellect?

   yadrusūnahā   (1)

And not We (had) given them any Scriptures which they could study, and not We sent to them before you any warner.

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