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د ر ر
General Root Meaning
To flow copiously, plentifully, give much, shine. durriyan - glittering, shining, brilliant. midraaran - abundant rain.
   durriyyun   (1)

Allah (is the) Light (of) the heavens and the earth. (The) example (of) His Light (is) like a niche in it (is) a lamp; the lamp (is) in a glass, the glass as if it were a star brilliant (which) is lit from a tree blessed - an olive, not (of the) east and not (of the) west, would almost its oil glow, even if not touched it fire. Light upon Light. guides Allah to His Light whom He wills. And sets forth Allah the examples for the mankind. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

   mid'rāran   (2)

And O my people! Ask forgiveness (of) your Lord, then turn in repentance to Him. He will send (from) the sky (rain) upon you (in) abundance and increase you (in) strength (added) to your strength. And (do) not turn away (as) criminals."

He will send down (rain from) the sky upon you (in) abundance,

Did not they see how many We destroyed from before them of generations We had established them in the earth what Not we (have) established for you? And We sent (rain from) the sky upon them showering abundantly and We made the rivers flow from underneath them. Then We destroyed them for their sins and We raised from after them generations other.

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