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ب ر ر
General Root Meaning
Being pious, kind, good, gentle, affectionate, beneficent, just, righteous, virtuous, honest, true, veracious, sweet of speech, merciful
Sinlessly performing something
Recompensing, rewarding for obedience, accepting and/or approving
Driving or calling sheep/goats
Verifying or proving an oath true
One who overcomes, overcoming someone with good actions or speech
Overcoming an adversary or overcoming by evil
Talking too much, confused clamor, noise, crying out, talking in anger or confusion, talking unprofitably
Ampleness, largeness or extensiveness
Land or elevated ground open to view, out of doors or exposed to view
Wheat, grain/s of wheat or coarsely ground flour
Certain kind of fruit
Good, sweet or pleasant word expression or saying
Of, belonging to or relating to the land and or the desert/waste
External, outward, apparent or public
A proper name of a certain people from El Maghrib (north of Africa and west of Egypt)
A truly and honestly executed sale