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ب ر ق
General Root Meaning
Shining, gleaming or glistening (e.g. the dawn, a sword)
Threatening or menacing
A female beautifying and adorning herself or showing and presenting herself and/or exhibiting her beauty
A star rising or a constellation (e.g. Pleiades)
Eyes/sight glistening, fixedly open (e.g. by reason of fright), sights confused, astonished, stupefied or dazzled, sight becoming weak, opening eyes and looking hard, intently or sharply
Decorating or adorning (e.g. a place)
Journeying far
Rugged ground in which stones, sand and earth are mixed together (the stones being of mixed/varied colors on whitish earth)
A mountain mixed with sand
Locusts with variegated colors
A certain type of beast the apostle rode on the ascension to heaven called so because of the hue, brightness and quickness of motion it had akin to lightning
A certain kind of plant camels feed on in times of necessity
Anything having blackness and whiteness together
An ewer having a long slender spout and a handle
A bow with different colors
Silk brocade closely woven with gold or closely woven cloth of thick silk