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ع ص ف
General Root Meaning
to blow violently (wind), blow in a gale, be quick, rag swiftly. asfun - leaves and stalks, straw, green, crop, bladder, stubbles, husk. asafa - to cut corn when green, AAasafa - to perish. asifatun - storm, whirlwind, hurricane. asifun - violent wind, stormy, vehement.
'aasifun (act. pic. m. sing.): violent (10:22, 14:18)
'aasifatun (act. pic. of sing.): violent (21:81)
'aasifaat (act. pic. of pl.): winds raging, violent (21:81)
'asfan (v. n. acc.): raging, blowing (77:2)