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ع ص ف
General Root Meaning
to blow violently (wind), blow in a gale, be quick, rag swiftly. asfun - leaves and stalks, straw, green, crop, bladder, stubbles, husk. asafa - to cut corn when green, AAasafa - to perish. asifatun - storm, whirlwind, hurricane. asifun - violent wind, stormy, vehement.
'aasifun (act. pic. m. sing.): violent (10:22, 14:18)
'aasifatun (act. pic. of sing.): violent (21:81)
'aasifaat (act. pic. of pl.): winds raging, violent (21:81)
'asfan (v. n. acc.): raging, blowing (77:2)
   l-ʿaṣfi   (1)

And the grain having husk and scented plants.

   ʿāṣifun   (1)

He (is) the One Who enables you to travel in the land and the sea, until, when you are in the ships and they sail with them with a wind good, and they rejoice therein comes to it a wind stormy, and comes to them the waves from every place, and they assume that they are surrounded with them. They call Allah sincerely to Him (in) the religion, (saying), "If You save us from this, surely we will be among the thankful."

   ʿāṣifin   (1)

(The) example (of) those who disbelieve in their Lord, their deeds (are) like ashes blows furiously on it the wind in a day stormy. No control (they have) of what they have earned on anything. That, [it] (is) the straying far.

   ʿāṣifatan   (1)

And to Sulaiman, the wind forcefully blowing by his command to the land which We blessed [in it]. And We are of every thing Knowers.

   ʿaṣfan   (1)

And the winds that blow violently,

   fal-ʿāṣifāti   (1)

And the winds that blow violently,

   kaʿaṣfin   (1)

Then He made them like straw eaten up.

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