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ع ص ب
General Root Meaning
to wind/twist/bind/lighten/surround, take a thing by force, become difficult, become dry in the mouth (saliva). usbatun - band/troop/gang/party. asib - very difficult, vehemently distressful, hard, woeful.
   bil-ʿuṣ'bati   (1)

Indeed, Qarun, was from (the) people (of) Musa, but he oppressed [on] them. And We gave him of the treasures which indeed (the) keys of it would burden a company (of men) possessors of great strength. When said to him his people, "(Do) not exult. Indeed, Allah (does) not love the exultant.

   ʿuṣ'batun   (1)

When they said, "Surely Yusuf and his brother (are) more beloved to our father than we, while we (are) a group. Indeed, our father (is) surely in an error clear.

They said, "If eats him the wolf while we (are) a group, indeed, we then surely (would be) losers."

Indeed, those who brought the lie (are) a group among you. (Do) not think it bad for you; nay, it (is) good for you. For every person among them (is) what he earned of the sin, and the one who took upon himself a greater share of it among them - for him (is) a punishment great.

   ʿaṣībun   (1)

And when came Our messengers (to) Lut, he was distressed for them and felt straitened for them (and) uneasy, and said, "This (is) a day distressful."

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