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ا و ب
General Root Meaning
to come back from, repent, set (stars), repeat, return (from disobedience to obedience), echo, alight at night.
   awwābun   (3)

And We gave to Dawood Sulaiman, an excellent slave. Indeed, he (was) one who repeatedly turne

"And take in your hand a bunch and strike with it and (do) not break (your) oath." Indeed, We [We] found him patient, an excellent slave. Indeed, he repeatedly turned.

Be patient over what they say, and remember Our slave, Dawood, the possessor of strength. Indeed, he (was) repeatedly turning.

And the birds assembled, all with him repeatedly turning.

   awwābin   (1)

"This (is) what you were promised, for everyone who turns (and) who keeps,

   awwibī   (1)

And certainly, We gave Dawood from Us Bounty. "O mountains! Repeat praises with him, and the birds." And We made pliable for him [the] iron,

   iyābahum   (1)

Indeed, to Us (will be) their return,

   l-maābi   (1)

Beautified for mankind (is) love (of) the (things they) desire of [the] women and [the] sons and [the] heaps [the] stored up of [the] gold and [the] silver, and [the] horses [the] branded, and [the] cattle and [the] tilled land. That (is) provision (of) life (of) the world but Allah - with Him (is an) excellent [the] abode to return.

   lil'awwābīna   (1)

Your Lord (is) most knowing of what (is) in yourselves. If you are righteous, then indeed, He is to those who often turn (to Hi Most Forgiving.

   maābin   (1)

Those who believed and did righteous deeds, blessedness (is) for them and a beautiful place of return.

So We forgave for him that. And indeed, for him with Us surely is a near access and a good place of return.

And indeed, for him with Us surely is a near access and a good place of return.

This (is) a Reminder. And indeed, for the righteous surely, is a good place of return,

This (is so)! And indeed, for the transgressors surely (is) an evil place of return.

   maābi   (1)

And those (to) whom We have given them the Book, rejoice at what has been revealed to you, but among the groups (those) who deny a part of it. Say, "Only I have been commanded that I worship Allah, and not I associate partners with Him. To Him I call and to Him (is) my return."

   maāban   (2)

For the transgressors a place of return,

That (is) the Day the True. So whoever wills let him take towards his Lord a return.

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